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Starting September 6!


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Hello everyone! 

I am starting my whole30 journey on September 6! I have a few weddings between now and then, but am trying to live mostly compliant in the interim. 

My doctor recommended that I give the whole30 a try after I was diagnosed with endometriosis (on top of my already continuously flaring IBS). 

I was wondering if anyone had any tips or tricks of the trade they think are important for first timers! Also, if any seasoned veterans have experienced improvements with either ailment I'd love to hear about your experience! 

I'm excited to get this started full blast! 


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Hi Laura!

I just finished my first whole30 in July, so while I don't have as much experience as others, the memories are fresh! 

Things that were hard:  Constantly cooking, eating out (its so boring to eat meat and veggies every time you go out), constant grocery shopping, cutting out snacking, cookies are delicious

Tips other people gave me which made my life so much easier:

- Meal prep sundays - cooking a lot on one day (while a bit exhausting) is SO much easier than cooking 5-6 days a week.  

- Make so many sauces - if you make a couple salad dressings, a couple whole30 mayos, whole30 burger sauce on or before day one, it becomes a lot easier to just throw something on the grill or in the oven and make it so delish.  I also found it easier to use the food processor a bunch in one day rather than every other day.

- Continue to workout - working out in week 1-2 was SO SO HARD.  You're so exhausted and sleepy and your workouts are just soooo terrible.  However, the workout was the only thing making me feel better from the carb flu I was feeling after cutting everything out.

- Look up recipes- this is a balance.  There's some AMAZING food out there (my non whole30 hubby actually asked that we keep everything I made in our normal rotation).  But, balance this with keeping it simple.  If you try to make something difficult every day, you'll get tired of cooking really quick.  I found that what worked best for me, was making triple the amount of the amazing stuff and eating that randomly throughout the week with "boring meals" like grilled chicken and such.  

- Fat is your friend - my first two weeks were really hard because I assumed oil was the only fat you could eat.  While there's balance in this (like everything) avocados basically changed my life. 

-  Get a friend to do it too- this was HUGE for me.  My coworker did it at the same time as me, and 2x i wanted to quit SO badly.  The only thing that kept me from quitting, was that I couldn't face the shame if I quit and she didn't.  Even if you cant get someone to do it with you, get a friend/bf/hubby to help keep you on track.


Hope that helps!

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Thanks so much for your advice! Do you have any favorite recipes? My parents and close friends aren't doing the w30 but are on board in keeping me fully on track. My dad used to be in the restaurant business and is quite handy in the kitchen so he's going to help me with my meal prep sundays which is nice considering I can barely scramble eggs (its also helpful because his house has all the gadgets that my apartment doesn't! hello immersion blender!!). I'm also so excited for fat being my friend. I LOVE avocados. I can't wait to guilt free spoon into one. 


And Karaboo2 we can be w30 buddies!! I'm starting the 6th because I have a wedding on the 4th, so I can't meal prep at all. But thankfully the 5th is labor day! So I'll spend my labor day laboring away in the kitchen haha. Are your kids (or anyone else!) doing w30 with you? 

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Also starting Sept 6. For now reading more; planning for shopping; making some sauces and ghee ahead. Planning to make/freeze some slow cooker recipes making enough for leftovers each time. Reading Forum posts to watch for ideas and challenge resolutions. Looking forward to getting started and finishing on time AND feeling healthier!

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@IUMama awesome! we can also be w30 buddies! 


As far as slowcooker recipes go, I have two that I love-- one of which is already completely compliant! Its a jar of salsa verde (Herdez is compliant and inexpensive!) and 1.5lbs of chicken breast, and 1lb of chicken thighs (boneless and skinless for both). Cook on low for four hours. Its so good! I put it over salads and mix it with eggs in the morning! I also really want to try it over some cauliflower rice!! 

I also have a recipe for coconut curry chicken but the recipe calls for 1tbsp of honey and I haven't tried it yet without the honey! The recipe is long, but if you're interested I'll post it! 

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Thank you for the Salsa chicken recipe. Haven't tried that before and it sounds so good.  I have a chicken curry yummy recipe and don't add the honey; can't tell much difference. 

Made the Chimichurri sauce yesterday and love it; such a nice new unique flavor.  It's on page 306 of The W30 book. Followed the instructions to freeze in ice cube trays for half. The rest is in a repurposed sauce bottle for serving. 

The planning continues. We have lots of family company the next two weekends so prepping for that as well. Thought I'd practice a little bit on them.  

Patty - IUMama

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