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David's Whole 30

David Lyon_4267

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Currently on Day of Whole 30 and feeling great, despite having very little sleep last night.

My 2 year old was up at 2 am and didnt go asleep till around 5, at which time i was up for work. I don't feel too bad at the moment but hopefully this wont affect my work day too much.

I have a heck of a lot of weight to lose but I have made a committment to myself to reach 10% body fat by next Christmas. As well as reading It Starts with food and other great Paleo books I've started reading Think and Grown Rich.

I read a lot of personal development blogs and this book was frequently mentioned in terms of success. I'm reading it slowly, digesting the chapters and I have to say I have already taken a lot from the first couple of chapters.

Looking at the mistakes i've made in the past, i think there's moe to it than having the right diet and training program. Without the desire, i will not reach my goals.

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I never had energy slumps. But I tend to eat quite a bit. Your food is your fuel so don't go running around ob half a tank. Try logging your meals so you get a better idea of how much of what you are eating. It helps to look at it and compare also when I write things down they seem somehow "more real" and I can analyze them better.

Good luck

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