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First Whole30


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Hey all! Last week The Hubs and I went on a quick vacation to Michigan. While driving up there, we listened to It Starts With Food. I am so glad that we did! I had heard about Whole 30 months ago and have been eager to try it. I listened to the book a couple weeks prior to listening to it again with The Hubs. He agreed to do the Whole 30 with me, but having him listen to the book really allowed the science behind it to sink in. It has given him so much more determination to do the Whole 30 wholeheartedly. We are on Day 6 now. The meals are not too much of a change for us. We have been slowly cuttting out dairy and reducing the amount of grains, but no legumes and absolutely no grains has been a little bit of a challenge. We are doing great so far. 

I'm super eager to see the effects of Whole 30 on both of us. The Hubs has CVID which is an immune deficiency. Whole 30 won't be able to fix it, but we are hoping to see some relief on a few of the complications from it. I have hypothyroidism and have seen some major fluctuations in my medication needs in the last six months. I can gain weight so easily by just having a few indulgences, but it takes major work to lose any fat. 

Cheers to all that have completed it! For those of you in the midst of it, I'd appreciate any pointers that you have! I have to admit that once we are done with Whole 30, I see us remaining Paleo or at least a modified version of Paleo. All the research I have been doing prior to starting Whole 30 has really opened my eyes. I love having more information. If you have any suggestions for reading or shopping, I'm all for it! 

Thanks for taking the time  to read my ramblings!! Happy Whole 30 :)


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