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I like the idea of the September 5th push to Whole30, but I'm not ready to do a full one again (I did my first May-June this year). I thought I would try to do my best post-Whole30 diet instead, for those 30 days. 

It's pretty much your classic Whole30, with the following added in - yoghurt with a drizzle of honey (I really dislike eggs so this helps with breakfast), a teaspoon of sugar in my coffee, and not worrying too much about added ingredients in otherwise Whole30 compliant foods (i.e. bottled mayo, bacon etc). 

I really need to stop the "blow-outs" - most of the time I eat OK, but there's the odd day when I'm tired, or stressed, or rushed, or blurgh, and it turns into a wheat-fest. Sandwiches, toast, croissants, with butter/salami/hot dogs/jam/syrup/marmalade... ugh. I eat lots, and I feel so awful after - sick, and bloated, and sad, and hayfever-y. Not good.

So, here's to hopefully a Best30 coming up. 

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I did OK today, I think. All I ate during the day was a banana, dates, and an apple with some cashew nut butter. Not a great diet, but considering I was dealing with a stick dog all day, and had no appetite because of the stress and worry, I'm going to count it as a win that a) I ate anything at all, and b, what I did eat was relatively healthy.

I took a small packet of nakd bites out food shopping with me this afternoon in case I got hungry, but I didn't need them.

When I got back my lovely husband was cooking spaghetti with anchovy, tomato and chili sauce. I managed to grab him before he put my portion of sauce on the pasta, and had it with mashed potato instead. Yum.

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Breakfast - black coffee, banana with yogurt and honey.

Lunch - cold meatballs with salad and fruit (picnic)

Dinner - hotdogs with sweet potato. Ate some of the sausages and broccoli left over from the kids' toad in the hole (no batter, sob!).

Snack - dates and raisins.

I need to eat more at meals, and less processed meat.

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