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Pre-surgery, a Second W30?Or W15? Or what?


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Whole 30! Whole 30! Whole 30!

Completed June 30, and boy did I feel great. It was pretty easy, once I realized I could have a huge pile of peppers and eggs over spinach for breakfast. With coffee! With coconut milk! And potatoes. I'd been eating pretty well before June (I wouldn't even know how to order something at McDonald's) but was in the habit of wine every evening, which often led to standing in front of the open fridge, longing for something, and convincing myself that there was no harm in a couple of cookies. Or five.

In July I did a pretty slow roll, a little bread here, a little dairy there.  I think those two upset my stomach, so I'm back to avoiding them. It's easy for me to avoid soy, now that I know how. 

But the wine. The sugar. The sugar in the wine. The wine! That rolled back very quickly, and now I'm back to the habitual wine in the evening. I have to break out of this, so here I am. I thought if I start a log here, it may keep me more accountable. So I'm hoping to log in my daily diet here.

One reason I want a re-set is that I'm scheduled for major surgery September 30, and I want to go into it in the best possible shape. 

I'd be delighted to hear any advice.

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