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First timer..just finished day 3!


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Just finished day 3 of my first Whole 30.  I've had several friends do the program and wanted to try it myself, would love to lose some weight but mostly to feel better.  It seems lately that I feel nauseous or just heavy after eating and I'd like that go go away, plus being more in control of what is going into my body. 
I'll post my food diary so far, would love comments and tips!  Thanks!


Day 1


2 Eggs fried in ghee

Nitrate free, sugar free bacon

Lunch - None, I know bad..I was at work and didn't have time to eat...plus I wasn't really hungry.


Green chile chicken w green tomatoes - a Whole 30 recipe found on pinterest

Russet Potatoes & Onions sauteed in olive oil & ghee


Day 2


Pumpkin custard - a Whole 30 recipe found on Pinterest...not sure if this is a "no no" falling under the category of making a "pancake" out of egg & banana..it was with eggs, pumpkin, cococonut milk, & banana


Bad again...a handful of walnuts at work.  I own my own business and was with clients straight from 10-4:30 so lunch is always tough.

Plus an apple as an after work snack.


Jerk Salmon with mango/avocado salsa over cauliflower rice.


Day 3


Walnuts & an apple


2 eggs friend in ghee

half a russet potato made as hash


Grilled strip steak

Hasselbeck sweet potato w. ghee & herbs

Asparagus sauteed in olive oil







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