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Who's with me?


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Hey everyone . I'll be turning 28 this month so I'm dedicating the month of September to the Whole30. It'll be a good test to go without all the celebration food and giving up alcohol for the past 5 days has been the real test. 

I just recently left an industry (beer,cheese,wine) that I dedicated myself to for 7 years. It's fairly freeing not being surrounded by food constantly and being tempted (and most often giving in) daily. 

Im really looking for anyone that might be interested in being a one on one accountability partner (or partners) during his challenge. If you're interested in being a partner or starting a group in addition to forum check-ins hit me up. All and any help is welcome . Any and all people are also welcome =}

Lookin forward to sharing this time with all of you. Good luck 

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