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Riya's log


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I wish I had done this last year.  I'd done a great W30 in Oct/Nov and was doing well beyond it.  Then some serious work stress hit and it all went out the window.  Brain fog set in and I couldn't remember what I had done that had worked so well.  And the thought of another W30 was overwhelming.  Fast forward to now, things have calmed down and I'm ready to do it right this time.  I'm not foolish enough to think life won't go off the rails, but maybe with this, I'll have a guide book to get me back on track.

Hubby and both kids are doing this with me.  Elder child (25) doesn't live at home, but she's here quite frequently.  She's a big help on prep, and then she gets to take food home.

AM - DDP Yoga, Stand up

Day 1 9/5/16 - M1 and M2 combined.  We really slept in :) .  Sausage from W30 book, scrambled eggs (3 each) and roasted sweet potato's.  Little Bit (11) doesn't do sweet potato's, so I tried cauli-rice for her.  That was a miss!

Little Bit had a peach for a snack.  No snack for the rest of us

M3 - Kalua pork, large salad with red peppers, carrots, & cherry tomato's with ranch.  Also made home fries.  **Note to self, pull lunch portions before serving dinner.  LB & EC also had an apple with almond butter/sunbutter. (EC sensitive to almonds)

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Day 2 - 9/6/16

M1 - 3 scrambled eggs, 1 sausage & sweet potato cubes cooked in ghee. 

M2 - leftover pulled pork, brussel sprouts, and carrots with ranch

M3 - chicken roulade w/mayo, green beans, apple with almond butter.  Meant to have a salad, but between tripping over everyone & the dogs, trying to cook and prep lunches, it didn't happen.  Glad I made the second roulade yesterday, otherwise there wouldn't have been enough for lunches tomorrow and I'd have been scrambling.  Still have half of it in the freezer for Saturday.  LB has a volleyball tournament, so I'm packing the cooler.

LB's lunch was leftover pork, carrots/peppers, and home fries.  She was ready for a snack after school, but not hangry and asked for a banana with almond butter.  Sending an Epic bar with her for after school/before volleyball practice tomorrow. 

Headache and just wiped out today.  Tummy was pretty cranky the first half of the day as well.  Just have to remember that it takes about a week of eating right for that to settle down.  And might be too early to tell, but the eczema spot on my hand isn't hurting and split open like it was yesterday morning.  Even with all the dishes I've been doing.

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Day 3 - 9/7/16 (will edit to add stuff for the day)

DDPY - Energy

M1 - 3 scrambled eggs, 1/2 sausage (getting burned out), sweet potato's cooked in ghee.  Need to change that up too.

M2 - leftover chicken roulades in a salad with lettuce, tomato's, & red peppers with lots of ranch.  And an apple to get the chicken flavor out.


Never, ever make anything with chicken breast again.  Dark meat only!!!  Or make it for Little Bit and hubby.  No matter what I do, I cannot make it not taste like flat, blech chicken breast.  HCG flashbacks from hell.

Hungry about 11:30 ( 4 1/2 hours after breakfast), hangry by noon.  Then realized lunch was already here.  Blondeness not showing any signs of changing.  That may be a lost cause :).

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Guess I can't edit, oh well.

M3 - 3 scrambled eggs, peppers & tomato's and a dollop of mayo.  Might add some strawberries in a bit.

Fixed zoodles with ground beef & Kirkland marinara sauce for hubby and LB.  One of my zucchini was bad, so not enough zoodles for all 3 of us.  Was ok, wasn't feeling tomato sauce anyway. Running to the store now to cover leftover lunch tomorrow.

Super crankies today, headachy still, and so not happy with my food today.  Need to find some bacon so I have the grease for my eggs.  Not the biggest fan of cooking them in ghee.  Might try hard boiling them for tomorrow morning. 

And I suppose not only is this log going to be for what food I'm preparing, but to a diary of sorts to see where we are today when I look back and read it again.

Hubby has been feeling bad the last couple of days, but he thinks it's do the medication the dentist put him on.  Hopefully that clears up. 

Little Bit is doing the drama queen because she wants to eat what her friends are eating, but on the flip side, she knows she can't eat like them without digestion problems.  She's also concerned about her weight.  And we just keep talking and talking about putting nourishing foods in our bodies and moving, and the rest will take care of itself.  She saw that the last time with the W30, but then I dropped the ball.  And of course she went along for the ride.  I have got to figure out how to make this a way of life (after seeing what we can reintroduce), and the treats are just that.  She felt so much better, looked better in her own eyes, and her confidence really climbed.  Would like to get her there again, and get the puffiness gone.

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Day 4 - 9/8/16

Wow, already day 4?  13% of the way there!  Still didn't sleep well last night.  Not sure if I'm getting a second wind late (ugh!) or if it's the dregs of this cold.  But taking forever to fall asleep, and then I keep waking up.  Even so, I'm not as wiped out as I was yesterday.

M1 - 3 hardboiled eggs & sweet tater cubes cooked in ghee.  Eaten in the car. Without salt because I was running late and knew I wouldn't have time to eat before my meeting started.  **Note to self, put a Celtic Salt shaker in the glovebox!

M2 - zoodles w/Kirkland's marinara sauce cooked with ground beef.  Apple & almond butter.  Not feeling the tomato sauce.  Never the biggest fan, and it really makes me want bread, so that's not gonna happen again.  Might save it for LB and hubby on nights that I do something with shellfish for me.  Ah shellfish.  **More notes to self, get elder child's work schedule so I can make it on a night she's closing.  And clean up really good after.  (for anyone reading, severe food allergy). 

Must look up no-cook shellfish recipes.  Maybe pre-cooked shrimp with mayo, dill & avocado? 


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M3 - filet Mignon seared in ghee, and baked in the oven for 10 minutes.  Beautiful medium rare, a few home fries and a good sized salad with ranch.  After the last few meals being less than happy for me, I splurged on the steak.  So worth it.  And I got extra for lunch tomorrow.

Actually kind of sleepy.  Need to fix tomorrow's lunches and get Little Bit to bed, and hopefully go somewhat early myself.

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Day 5 - 9/9/16

Pretty hectic today

M1 - scrambled eggs in duck fat & sweet potato's in ghee.  Out of sweet potato's now, need to come up with something else

M2 - Steak & big salad with ranch and an apple.  Handful of pistachio's

M3 - NomNomPaleo's Crispy Chicken and brussel sprouts.  Made some herbal tea for throat soothing.  The ingredients listed all herbs and no stevia, but it still tasted sweeter than I think it should have.  Dumped it because I'm not risking it. 

Going to stop by the herb shop tomorrow for rose hips and slippery elm and whatever else I remember that should knock the rest of this cold out. 

Little Bit has a volleyball tournament tomorrow, so prepping for that.  Going to slice the chicken roulade for her, and make a chicken & boiled egg salad for me.  Hoping the mayo is enough to mask the chicken.  Have sliced red peppers, celery, leftover sprouts, ranch, and chopped fruit from the store.  And an epic bar for her.  Will fix her banana/egg pancake for breakfast, drop her off, then come home and get my breakfast before meeting them at the tournament. 

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Day 6 - 9/10/16

So today was nowhere near template eating, but everything was on plan.

M1 - 2 hard boiled eggs

M2- eaten sporadically through the day, tuna salad, celery, red peppers

M3 - hamburger with mayo, tomato's and home fries.

Been doing too many potato's.  It's the one thing everyone seems to agree on.  Just wasn't in the mood for a salad.  Have got to figure out a wider variety of veggies.  Or maybe quit being lazy and getting pre-done lettuce.  I'm just not the biggest fan of it.  I do prefer green leaf or buttercrunch lettuce. 

Had a hard time not saying forget it, and just give in.  Smelling all the concession stand food while at the tournament was hard.  Fortunately, Little Bit is on the "B" team for volleyball, so she only had to be there for their first three matches.  There was a big break after that, so the rest of the team decided to go to Wendy's.  The coach knows what we're doing, so I just shook my head and she was good with that.  Little Bit wasn't.  I couldn't think of one compliant thing there, and I'm not sure what would have been worse.  Not going, or going and watching everyone else eat.  But then we went to our "farm" and she got to play with the kids there, so that made it better.

Also skipped out on the Fall Fest that was happening up the street.  Partly because I was tired, partly because street fair food, and she was ok skipping.  Daddy has a YouTube channel, and agreed that she could start making video's for it, so she was totally distracted.  She pouted for about 3 seconds and then bounced up to her computer.

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Day 7 - 9/11/16

Didn't eat near enough.  Didn't eat enough on Day 6 either.  Was too worn out to do much of anything except mow first thing.  Waited too long for Meal 1, pretty much didn't have meal 2.  Managed to get a bit done after M3, but it was too small as well.  Ended up eating a banana right before bed because my stomach was burning so bad, I was surprised some alien thing didn't pop out.  I'm sure that didn't help my sleeping any.  Oh yeah, what sleep?

M1 - bacon and eggs.  After waking up at 7:00, mowing at 9:00.  Didn't eat til noon.  And I wondered why I felt like crap?

M2 - sorta skipped that part.  I think I had a small handful of pumpkin seeds in there somewhere.

M3 - compliant chicken brat (pretty tasty) & green beans.

Snack - banana


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Day 8 - 9/12/16

M1 - 3 scrambled eggs & sweet potato's in shredded form.  Coffee with coconut milk.  Keep forgetting to post this.  Managed to at least shred them last night

M2 - half a bowl of shrimp, avocado, mayo, dill, lemon juice.  Oh so good!!  Heirloom tomato and a fuji apple.  Still have the other half a bowl for tomorrow's lunch.  Yay!

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M3 - ground pork with broccoli slaw, carrots, onions, chinese 5 spice, garlic, coconut amino's, rice vinegar, sesame seed oil.  But I'd cooked 2 pounds ground pork and pulled some for later.  I should have put it all in, with the rest of the broccoli and carrots.  Will absolutely make this again.  Just a bigger batch.

Day 8 has been much better than the last two days.  Eating more has helped.  I just need to figure out a plan so it doesn't take me 10 hours to shop and prep and I don't burn myself out.

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Day 9 - 09/13/16

M1 - say it again, 3 scrambled eggs, shredded sweet potato's

M2 - the other half of my shrimp salad.  Avocado doesn't stay green, even with lemon juice.  Tomato, sauerkraut, skipped my apple because the core was rotten.  Glad I slice them first.  Ended up with a single serve pack of almonds.  Wanted something with some crunch.  That was truly more of a stress response vs. hungry

M3 - Pork steak & green beans.  A wee bit light, but I'm still kind of ugh and didn't have the patience for anything else.

Did make deviled eggs for tomorrows breakfast though.  But I think the world is conspiring against me on that.  Yesterday I destroyed the eggs (but the pan did survive), today, they wouldn't peel worth anything!

Of course I'm up too late again.  Need to take some time tomorrow night to plan out a weekend batch cook.  This week has been a huge struggle and it's because I've not been prepared.

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Note to self - don't skip planning lunch.  Green Acres is not W30 friendly.  Vegan friendly, but not so much for me.  Save the sugar free bacon.  Beautiful rotisserie chicken, seasoned with Spike.  Spike = soy.  Many, many bad words in my head.

M1- 3 deviled eggs.  Should have eaten hubby's remaining two as well.  Why he not want all his deviled eggs?

M2 - Big salad bar salad, olive oil for dressing.  Canned chicken with my mayo.  Salt, salt, salt, and fortunately still had the dill container in my bag.

Planning something with ground turkey for M3.  Maybe meatballs with something or other in them.  We'll find out tonight.


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Wow, need to not skip logging.  Not been template in my meals, but have stuck with it.  Definitely not eating enough.  Made sloppy joe's from 100 days of real food last night, subbing the honey for a splash of apple cider (only apples in the ingredient list).  Ate it like chili and it's pretty good. 

In reference to the ground turkey from above, yuck, yuck, yuck.  Ended up with a banana for dinner, it was that bad. 

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And here we are on day 28.  Have stayed compliant, just haven't logged like I should.  Dragging my heels on a cookup today.  What I think I need to do is something for myself, by myself.  Can't remember the last time I've done that.  So, shower, pedicure, then deal with cooking & laundry.  And I'm not taking Little Bit!  I adore my daughter, but mommy needs some quiet.

Some winning recipes for future reference.  NomNomPaleo's crispy chicken thighs (although Little Bit prefers the breast), and warm asian brussel sprouts.  Roasted broccoli. Mel Joulwan's plantain nachos.  OMG, seriously on the plantain chips.  I've tasted pre-made ones before and they were so-so.  But making them myself?  Oh yeah.  Going to do the green ones boiled then smashed ahead of time for today's cookup

Going to shred some sweet potatoes and layer them in a 9x13 pan and top with eggs and make a ground version of W30 sausages to top with it.  Hopefully it will make getting out the door easier.  Fixing everyone's breakfasts & lunches before work (or even pre-prepping lunches the night before) has got to be the hardest part of this.  And all the flipping dishes.  No wonder the eczema has gotten worse.  Hubby and I decided to get a lot more glass storage containers so I can just rinse and drop in the dishwasher.  This washing/drying every day has to stop.  And I won't load run the dishwasher until its full.  Although, Little Bit has been stepping up and at least unloading it for me.  And I'm going to start using the evil dishwashing gloves.

One rant.  Went to Whole Foods on 119th and Metcalf yesterday to pick up a couple of things.  As I'm headed down an aisle, a huge "Whole 30 Approved!" sign is there.  So I look to see what it's advertising, and it's right in front of a 64oz bottle of canola oil!  Um, no.  Had they put it two shelves down, it would have been with Avocado oil.  So I went further down the aisle, and I see another one, in front of some muscle building fruit mix sucky pack.  Read the ingredients. Milk based.  WTF?  Told customer service that they really need to put these signs in front of the right things. 

Anyway, off to make my toes pretty!

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Breakfast hash casserole thing is ok.  It's either too sweet or too sagey, not sure.  Will eat it this week and figure something different for next week.  Shredded sweet potatoes, W30 sausage & tons of eggs.  Although it did make walking out the door much faster.

Doing the shrimp/avocado/mayo salad for lunch today with tomatoes.  Planning on plantain nachos for dinner tonight. 

Ready to be done with the super restrictive.  Still planning on staying mostly compliant after, but just glad it's only 30 days.


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