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Start Sep. 4th. 1st W30


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Well, today is day 7 and I have had smooth-sailing up to this point. No issues, no detox, no problems & I can clearly see and feel I'm losing a bit of weight so I've had the psychological advantages, as well.

BUT....today I've been having thoughts of food. Thoughts of wine. Thoughts of treats. This is also day 7 alcohol-free, I can't even remember an alcohol-free Saturday. Typically, I end my work week at 2pm on Saturdays, head to the store and get crab legs, Chardonnay & a box of Nonni's salted caramel biscotti then head home. That is a my typical Saturday.

Yes. Every. Single. Saturday. 

Today is no different. I'm winding down my week and those thoughts are creeping in. Sooo... Here I am. Attempting to bring light into the dark corners in an attempt to make it through to day 8.


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