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Laura's SLOW Reintroduction


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I did a Whole47 before I started any reintroductions, timed so that I could reach a weekend before trying anything.  I am on day 10 of my reintroductions and I've tried two items - wine and hard cider.  I don't know if it was just me not sleeping well overall lately or if was the wine, so I tried it two nights and then haven't had any since then. The one thing I did realize is how fast I got tipsy, it was very odd.  I have since tried hard cider once, and found lower sugar ciders to start (go dry).  No negative effects on that, so I'm pretty pleased.  

Since I work out most weekday mornings, I have been hesitant on reintroducing items during the week for the fear they may hurt my work outs.  I'm feeling so much better and I don't want that feeling to stop, so I'm introducing items one at a time to see if what or anything bothers me. 



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Okay, I am back to Whole30 for the next week or so.  My reintroductions went well for the most part.  

  • Dairy - goat cheese is amazing and I don't get sick or feel ill.
  • Gluten grains - introducing cupcakes as one of my grains wasn't the best idea, but it was for my birthday and one of my employees makes the best German Chocolate cupcakes ever!  It would have been okay had I not received upside down world information shortly after my first cupcake.  3 more followed and I gave the last one away. Next day was a few crackers and bread with cheese/meat.  Not bad, but I think I will save this for times when the bread is to die for.  I'm okay for the most part without it. 
  • Brown rice stackers are the best rice cakes ever and I love them for parties
  • White rice - discovered I am not a fan of the rice in sushi.  Sashimi is so much more my style.  I also like the coconut aminos way better than soy sauce, so I'm keeping that.
  • I can't believe how much of the hummus out there has garbage in it.  Trying to find one without chemicals took a bit of work and I'm glad I did.  Chick peas and hummus worked well for me and I'm thrilled.  Gives me so many more options with my salads.
  • I didn't try lentils, and am in no rush to do so.  I have some soups that I will make in January that are lentil based and will see how they work out then.  
  • 2 Trader Joe's disappointments - the Inca corn and olive oil popcorn have no flavor to me and just promotes mindless eating.  I was really upset to discover neither worked for me now as I was hoping at least the popcorn would rock my world... um, no.
  • Tortilla ships - trying to find one I like is still a challenge.  I don't want to settle for burnt tasting or cardboard.  The search continues for something that will work on salads or in soup. 

More later.  Looking forward to staying on target this week and only eating the items that feel good.  So far, I'm amazed at how much worse I sleep not on strict Whole30. 

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