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Logan's Road House


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Ate lunch with friends at Logan's. Had steak and steamed broccoli and grilled veggies.

But.... I wanted to eat all the bread in front of me..... I love pre-meal bread. But I didn't. Very proud but it was more difficult that I expected because they took so long and they have all those peanuts. I will pistachios or other nuts were as cheep as peanuts .... stinking legumes :) ...

But anyway I don't want to eat a bunch of bread after my whole-30. I eat out every week with a group of friends. That can add up. Chips here bread there... Love the reboot I am having back to Paleo. Just love it.... :P

By the way... They have a bunless burger with a side of steamed broccoli for $6.99. But I wanted some grilled veggies too... Better than most for Paleo. Not great for strict Paleo/ Whole30 but better that most.

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