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I'm on Day 7, and I'm going to use this post to jot down some random observations:

1. This is not as hard as I thought it would be. The food is extremely satisfying, and I am sleeping well, feeling good.

2. I don't have cravings so much as I have habits. I'm realizing that I would eat the chips/chocolate/whatever, because it was in front of me. I have to remember not to grab the candy out of the bowl in the office or dip into my husband's bag of chips on the table. So far, I haven't slipped at all, but that is probably my biggest risk.

3. My husband thinks he's more supportive than he really is. This morning, I had to ask him to please stop asking me to justify what I'm doing. He was surprised, because he doesn't think he's doing that. But he asks constantly why I can't have some food, or why I can have one kind of oil but not another, etc. He likes the dinners I'm cooking, and I'm not trying to make him do this. If the questions don't stop, I'm going to get really cranky.

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