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43 and struggling to feel healthy

Liz C

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My name is Liz. I use to be a self professed health enthusiast but have lost sight of my goals. I continue to work out and I cook my food, choosing mostly nutritious options. The problem is, the times when I'm not committed, take a damaging and difficult to reverse toll on my 43 year old body. No matter how many crunches or cardio I do, I cant loose the belly. I am discouraged and embarrassed to return to the gym because I go from looking and feeling fit to noticeable not taking care of myself. My body gains weight over the course of 4 days, my eyes are puffy. I look my age compared to when I'm taking care of myself, I look quite young for 43 years of age. Why do I self sabotage when I know the fine results of healthy living?

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