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W30 Journey Log


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I started W30 on Monday, the day I left for a 3 day work travel trip. Oddly enough, it was so much easier on the road than it has been the 1 day I've been back. I made sure to prep a TON Sunday before I left so that my bf had compliant meals to eat while I was away (I do most of the cooking), and to make sure I had compliant AND plane-compliant snacks with me on the trip. 

Wanted to start this thread to keep a log of what I'm eating and hopefully have others help troubleshoot what I can improve! 


M1: 3 eggs fried in coconut oil, 2 strips compliant bacon, banana
M2: Leftover sausage, kale, potato soup (the recipe was the bomb) 
Snack: airport snack of an apple and a venti unsweet iced tea (luckily this is what i crave for a drink) 
M3: First meal on the road - Jason's Deli salad bar with compliant ingredients/balsamic dressing and a small baked potato plain with nothing on it except chives

BIG VICTORY: Did NOT eat the TWO CUPS of shredded cheese they gave me on the side of the potato. I love cheese, like....more than anything, so this was shocking even to me.

D2: (on the road) 

M1: 1 banana, some more assorted fruit at the breakfast buffet, and some olives 
M2: They catered sandwiches for our work lunch, so I had some probably un-compliant turkey deli meat, lettuce, tomato. Had some olives and a Chomps beef jerky stick from my purse to try to round out the meal. 
M3: This one was tricky - they brought in pizza and beer (ugh) for work, so I drank a club soda and waited til I got back to eat the same as the night before. 

D3: (last day on the road) 

M1: scrambled eggs, banana, assorted fruit, coffee
M2: pulled pork without anything on it, salad with balsamic, green beans
M3: FINALLY HOME! Steak cooked in olive oil and ghee, green beans, 

This brings me to today, D4: 

M1: Woke up late, so I grabbed a Lara Bar and an apple which was better than non-compliant breakfast at work
M2: (More on this below) Chipotle Salad with carnitas, guac, salsas (except corn)

Lunches are the hardest part for me. Even when I'm not doing some sort of eating plan, I always struggle with what to eat for lunch. For some reason around that time, I don't want leftovers, I don't want salad, I don't want anything cold, and the list goes on. To the point where even eating that Chipotle salad today was like choking down baby food that I didn't want. I've always had pretty significant blood sugar issues (hypoglycemic and insulin resistant), so I'm thinking maybe I let my BS get too low before eating lunch, then my emotional brain takes over and screams at me to go buy some cheetos. Anyone have any good tips for dealing with a lost appetite at lunch? 

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D4 (cont'd) 

M3: TJ's flank steak in garlic herb chimichurri marinade, grilled, sweet potato fries (tossed in evoo and cajun seasoning), fresh green beans. 

This meal made me realize I may not be eating enough in general. I had a ton of veggies and a little steak and felt wonderful. 

M1: 2 eggs fried in coconut oil, 2 strips compliant bacon, 1 banana, 1 cup of coffee with coconut milk 
Snack: carrots with guac (intended to eat this with breakfast but was full)
M2: Trader Joes Chicken Patty (didn't like this much), carrots, broccli, dump ranch with some salsa mixed in, celery, a few plantain chips

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