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Over 40 for Whole30?


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DAY 2:

Woke up feeing pretty positive.

Already have breakfast and lunch covered due to leftovers; lunch is packed

B: egg, spinach, tomato frittata from The Whole 30 book

Black coffee

L: packed up leftover chicken salad - has grapes, green apple, green onions and Primal mayo (i think a great sub if you don't make your own)


Looking forward to trying this new chili for dinner

D: premade the Turkey Pumpkin Chili from W30 online

With the time change it is getting too dark to exercise outside without a partner - this is another issue I face and let get in my way.  It's just an excuse.

Took "before" pictures. Ack. Not brave enough to post.  Weighed yesterday and freaked myself out.  Lots of self loathing.  I'm to blame.  

I don't usually weigh since I see it as a form of "confrontation" , something I avoid at all costs.

Thank GOD Whole30 Rules will make this part ok with me. 


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DAY 2: End of Day Reflection:

Good beginnings.  Great day at work.

Need to drink more water - but I did drink my green tea today.

I will make sure my giant plastic "mason" jar with straw is full in the morning. I find that if I start out that way during my first class that I continue to fill it up once I drink it all.  My goal is 3 refills plus my tea.

Turkey, pumpkin chili was wonderful - just didn't make enough - I need to double it next time - I didn't see how many the recipe should make but my two kids (18 & 16) ate it too.  My son asked where I put the pumpkin (he saw it out last night) when I told him the chili he just shrugged...so apparantly he couldn't taste it!  I agree - once I sat down to eat I couldn't either.  Great chunky consistency and just enough heat.  Husband and I had a simple romaine salad along side and I added avocado on the top of mine.  STAYED AWAY from the cheese! Victory!

Breakfast prep done - trying Sweet Potato Apple Breakfast Bake with pecans on top. Smells like Thanksgiving! Just to reheat in morning!

Packed up small amount of not-really-left-over-chili for my lunch tomorrow and have dinner planned out as well.

I recently did a program that involved a lot of prep and cooking and so I'm feeling pretty organized , plus my husband is on board - and he helps me keep things on track. (cooking and prepping - not the eating right part....I cannot STAND it when he tells me what I should be eating - he has learned to keep his mouth shut.)


Enjoying my sleepytime tea as I type this entry - good night. 







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DAY 3: 

Slept ok last night. Restless.

REALLY enjoyed my sweet potato, apple pecan bake this morning.  Hubby loved it too.

It's hump day and Thanksgiving break starts at the end of the week!

Packed up my leftover chili from last night - really looking forward to that for lunch since I got so little of it last night!

Tonight egg/spinach/mushroom "cups" on the menu plus a small salad.

Will be mindful of my H2O intake today - Oh - almost forgot to packmy tea!


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DAY 4:

Slept much better last night!

Recap from Day 3:

Kept a water commitment going yesterday!  Drank 2 of the 3 of my goal - shooting for 3 today.

Drank my tea.

My chili was FANTASTIC but I did burp it quite a bit during the afternoon.

Energy was good and I was a patient teacher yesterday.

Humpday is usually a good mindset day - invited friends over for Thanksgiving and they are coming - work day ended on a great positive note.

Husband ended up going to the grocery to get items for dinner I had planned earlier in the week so we switched from egg cups to the broccoli/squash/mushroom with roasted red pepper sauce from the WH30 book - YUM.  The book says the sauce is good on everything - and OH MY - yes.  I could cook it and eat it as a soup!

Played piano instead of watching TV - selections lead me to play hymns - which I haven't done in forever - thinking of dad.  Last Thanksgiving was his last holiday with us - without being in the hospital.  Difficult time.

Looking forward to DAY 4 - 

Onto today -

Switching it up for breakfast - I love Kris Carr and will be making her Matcha - All Day Energy smoothie for breakfast

Lunch: leftover sweet potato apple bake

Dinner: I forget what it's called - will post later - I think from Cooking Light- some chicken dish I think the kids will like.

Mindset: 3 waters, tea at work today.



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DAY 5:

Reflection on DAY 4:

I was sooooo tired yesterday I could not wait to just get home, feed everyone and then go to bed.  And that's just what I did!

It was a great day.  Drank all my water - but no tea.  I did help myself to 3 Chick fil A nuggets at a school breakfast meeting- but NO WINE last night.  

(and no whining :) )

Slept pretty well.

Went to Metro Diner for breakfast and got the eggs benedict with no muffin - ontop of tomatoes instead and hollandaise sauce on the side.

Hubby made me my green matcha smoothie which I just had about an hour ago as a snack.

Heaven's to Besty - I am a forgetful dork of a person - so apparently I put in for a sub back in August for a trip that was planned for this weekend - the trip was cancelled but not the sub.  So I showed up for work this morning - and the front office asked why I was there since they saw that I had a sub coming?????!!!!  So happy first day of Thanksgiving break to ME!  I came home and got some much needed paperwork done.  

Listening to Jim Brickman play the piano. (on the computer  - he didn't come over) HA.


Have a spinach, egg, mushroom, green onion frittata already cooked and ready to go for lunch.  I love being prepared!

Have plans to go to an event tonight and I will NOT be having cocktails.  



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