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Looking for Others Starting TODAY!!


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When I met my husband I had a 6-pack.  Honest to goodness ... I couldn't cook so I ate salads for just about every meal and I was in karate.  He cooks.  He cooks REALLY well (and for the most part really healthfully).  I had never had that before, my mom was a mediocre cook, and I never had any interest.  I can't remember why I stopped taking karate, but I did, but he never stopped cooking and I never stopped myself from over eating.  I don't know what I weighed when we met ... I have always been a little "thick", but was always in good shape so the number didn't mean much.  Then I got pregnant, and wasn't allowed to gain much weight because I was already floating around 220. 

My daughter was a month early because of severe pre eclampsia.  She was healthy and the weight that I did put on came off right away, luckily.  Since then I have tried many times to lose weight, and did for a very short period of time just watching calories, etc., but I recently saw a picture at that particular "low", and it wasn't low enough.  I make excuses, things have been hard - lost my father unexpectedly, then 6 months later my daughter was diagnosed with cancer (she is cancer free now, thankfully), but as she nears her 8th birthday I am still floating in the 220-230 range.  On top of that, I am a massage therapist and was recently diagnosed with arthritis in my HAND.  In the hand of all places.  I was out of work for a month healing and am back now, but after having some sweets at Thanksgiving I know that is why my hand still hurts.  I have to do this.

So, my goals are to lose weight and be pain free.  My ideal is around 180.  I think any less I wouldn't look good.  I know I won't lose all of it in the first 30, but I am hoping that I will keep going after 30.  I actually started the program on Saturday, after slowly taking a lot of junk and sugar out of my diet the 10 or so days prior, but if there are others starting today, or have started in the past couple days, I would love to connect.  Honestly, my main reason isn't for weight loss, although it will be an awesome side affect, but I LOVE my job and if my hand hurts constantly, I won't be able to do it.  Also want my daughter to see me accomplish my goals.  I have accomplished many things and she has seen some of them, but she has never seen me be healthy.

So, here's to being and getting healthy -

Sonne - Starting weight 218, waist at 46 inches with foot pain from plantar fascitis and hand pain from arthritis as well as constant sinus issues.



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