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Kimberly's Whole30 Start date 12/26/16


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I started my Whole30 journey on Monday, December 26, 2016.  Day 1 I struggled with feeling hungry.  I ate lunch and still felt very hungry.  I tried to do some housework and took the dog for a walk to ease my hunger pains.  It worked.  I made sure to eat more at dinner.  

Breakfast:  2 eggs scrambled with tomato, onion, and spinach.  I also had a cara cara orange.

Lunch: 2 hard boiled eggs on a bed of spinach and wholly guacamole. 

Dinner: cooked chicken in avocado oil, roasted sweet potatoes/regular potatoes, cooked squash and zucchini. 

I made a huge batch of the dinner and portioned it out in separate containers to eat the next few days for lunch and dinner.


Day 2:  I woke up early and got a short run on the treadmill 2.25 miles.  I ate a banana and almond butter before I ran.

Breakfast: 2 eggs cooked with tomato, onion, spinach ( I'm loving this!), a cara cara orange, and half an avocado

After breakfast I went to the school (I am a teacher and on Christmas break) to do some work and I packed a snack of celery, carrots and almonds.  However, I did not eat it.  I never felt hungry.  I had a huge water with lemon. 

Lunch: Leftover chicken, potatoes, zucchini/squash

Mid afternoon I thought I might need a snack, but I didn't.  I felt satisfied.  No hunger pains!  

I took the dog for a walk.

Dinner: Leftover chicken, potatoes, zucchini/squash

No hunger pains all night.  Felt pretty good.  


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Congrats on your first day! I am going shopping today and have my start date for tomorrow, December 29th.  have friends and family that think I am crazy for not starting January 1st. The way I see it, there is always going to be a "day" or "special occasion" to keep putting it off. So might as well start NOW.

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Day 3

Struggle, struggle, struggle!

I had several cravings today.  First I wanted Honey Nut Cheerios (my son was eating them), then I wanted gum.  Oh my!  I did not even think about gum being an issue before I started the Whole30.  Anybody else with me on this?  And lastly, I wanted a slice of pizza.  Well, I can happily report that I did not give into my cravings.  I made it through!  Yay!

Also, I realized I didn't put down what I have been drinking for day one and two.  I'm a coffee drinker.  I like creamer in my coffee, the flavored kind.  So I knew this would be a struggle.  A few of my friends who have done the Whole30 told me they used Nutpods in their coffee.  So I ordered some from Amazon (I live in a small rural town 90 miles from any large city and our local walmart doesn't carry Nutpods).  I have used it for 4 days now.  I like it ok.  I sure miss creamer, though.  And I don't like plain black coffee.  It has been an eye-opener of how much I am really addicted to that flavored coffee creamer.  

I am also a runner.  I run most days.  I prepared myself for struggles with running during the next 30 days, and yesterday proved to be one of those days.  I planned for 3 miles.  The first 1.5 miles my legs felt like jello.  They started to get sore, but I am about accomplishing goals.  So I finished the 3 miles by walking the last 1.5 miles.  My legs were jello like the rest of the day.  

Here is what I ate day 3...

Pre-run: banana with spoonful of almond butter 

Breakfast: 2 eggs, tomato, onion, spinach, half avocado, orange

Snack: celery, carrots, almonds

Lunch: Chicken, sweet/white potatoes, squash/zucchini

Snack: apple with almond butter

Dinner: sweet/white potatoes, boiled egg, wholly guacamole




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Day 4:  I have to say that I am feeling pretty good.  My legs are not sore like yesterday and no headache.  I didn't have any cravings like yesterday, but I did catch myself eating out of boredom.  As soon as I realized it, I put it away.

My run today was much better.  I didn't feel sluggish and made it through the whole 3 miles.  I'm keeping my mileage low while doing the whole30.

Here's what I ate today:

Pre-run: banana and almond butter (I usually eat this pre-run even when not doing whole30) I've had stomach issues in the past when running and have played around with different foods to see what works best for my runs.  Bananas and almond butter seem to work perfectly so I'm sticking with it!  

Breakfast: two eggs, tomato, onion, spinach, half avocado, orange (I have not gotten tired of this yet!  Yay!), coffee with nutpod

Lunch: chicken, squash/zucchini, sweet potatoes, wholly guacamole (I did take out the regular potatoes of this.  I'm already tired of them. Ugh!)

Snack: Larabar and a spoonful of almond butter, 2 cups of coffee with original nutpod

Dinner: Cooked cabbage with onion mixed with ground beef, wholly guacamole, raisins

I also walked the dog today.  


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Day 5:  I started out the day feeling good.  However, when I started my run I started to feel sore and sluggish.  I pushed through.  I finished the 3 miles with walking intervals.  When I was finished, I felt great!  

Today I made it through to each meal without feeling hungry!  Yay!!  I haven't had any headaches or felt any extreme energy yet either.  I purposely started a week earlier than I had originally planned.  I go back to school January 2.  I teach 3rd grade and I didn't want to be grouchy and cranky with the kids so I started early.  I hope next week I keep feeling the same or even better!  Wish me luck.  

Here is what I ate Day 5...

Pre-run:  banana and almond butter, 2x coffee with nutpods

Breakfast:  2 eggs, tomato, onion, spinach, half avocado, orange (still loving this one!)

Lunch:  Leftover cabbage, onion, ground beef (I got a wholly guacamole out to eat with it, but never opened it and felt full when finished with the meal so never ate it.)

Dinner: whole sweet potato, ground beef, wholly guacamole, larabar 

Did not walk the dog today.  It was super windy!  

Good luck to everyone starting their whole30 journey in a few days!  

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Day 6:  Today I felt good.  Not overly energetic or overly tire, just good.  I keep waiting for an extreme.  Perhaps it won't happen to me.  

My run was good today.  I did 3 miles and just kept it at a slow pace.  I did feel hungry between meals so I did add in a snack.  I think I'm not eating enough, but I feel full when I eat.  

Here's what I ate Day 6:

Pre-run: banana and almond butter, 2x coffee with nutpods

Breakfast:  2 eggs, tomato, onion, spinach, half avocado, orange 

Lunch:  I ate lunch earlier because I was so hungry.  Leftover ground beef, sweet potato, half avocado

Snack: celery, almond butter

Dinner: hamburger pattie, brussel sprouts, sweet potato

Lots of water with lemon all day and La Croix.  I love the blackberry cucumber La Croix.  I also tried the kiwi sandia.

My sleep was excellent for the first time in a long.  Yay!


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Day 7:  Woke up feeling good.  Happy New Year to everyone!!   

I did not run today.  I walked and did some core work and stretching.

Here's what I ate:

Pre-workout: banana, larabar, 2x coffee with nutpds

Breakfast:  eggs, tomato, spinach, onion, half avocado, orange

Lunch: leftover ground beef, sweet potato, wholly guacamole  

Snack: celery and almond butter, orange

Dinner:  roast, potatoes, cooked squash/zucchini in avocado oil

Lemon water and La Croix

Walked the dog in the afternoon.  Got a terrible headache.  Went to bed early.  Hoping the headache goes away because I go back to school tomorrow.  Tomorrow will be a challenge.  Wish me luck!  


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Day 8:  January 2, 2017

Today I went back to school so my routine was very off.  We had professional development all day so no kiddos today.  They come back tomorrow.  Today was a huge struggle.  I contemplated quitting the whole30 today.  Ugh!!  However, I did not quit, but the struggle is real!  

No run today

Breakfast: 2 eggs, spinach, orange, 2x coffee with nutpods

Lunch: Leftover brussel sprouts, squash/zucchini, and leftover hamburger patty

Snack: Apple

Dinner: Leftover roast, potatoes, dates

No walk today either.  My major struggle was all of my coworkers went out to have lunch.  We usually do on professional development days, but I had already packed my lunch with my compliant meal.  Where they were going to eat would not have anything I could eat.  So I opted out.  It was extremely difficult.  

Good news is my headache is gone.  Yay!

Hopefully tomorrow will be better!  

Good luck everyone out there.  Stay positive!


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Day 9:  Wow!  I have really made it to day 9!  Woohoo!!  Today was a good day.  It started out with my stomach having issues, but it passed quickly.  I feel like I have more energy today, and when I got home from school I didn't feel like just sitting around.  I usually am so tired I don't do much.  

I also didn't run today, not yet anyway.  I probably will a little later.

Here is what I ate:

Breakfast: 2 eggs, tomato, spinach, half avocado, orange, 1 cup coffee with nutpods

Snack: almonds, two dates

Lunch: leftover roast and potatoes, half bell pepper with wholly guacamole

Snack: apple, larabar

Dinner: Cauliflower rice cooked in avocado oil, two eggs cooked with spinach, La Croix

Lots of lemon water all day!

Too windy again to walk the dog, but like I said, I think I will run on the treadmill after my dinner settles.  


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Hey kimberlytew2, my wife and I also started on the 26th.  I haven't really struggled too much with cravings but our daughter made rice krispie treats the other night and I thought my wife was going to strangle her, lol.

We are both doing the cooking now so we are usually both in the kitchen alot these days.  Not a bad thing, but my wife also works at a school and today was her first day back.  She has to dodge all the temptations at work, but I work from home so don't have that, just have to keep my nose out of the pantry.

I've noticed that I am sleeping much better and feel like I'm over the tiredness and headaches that showed up around day 3 or 4, so looking forward to other benefits as the days go by.  

Keep up the good work, it's inspirational. 

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Day 10!  Yay!  Today I woke up early with lots of energy.  I got a lot of things accomplished too.  I was doing great and feeling wonderful all day.  I did have a temptation today.  Chex Mix!  Oh my!  It was at school and I love Chex Mix!  I looked long and hard at it but ultimately walked away and ate my banana that I brought for a snack.  

I didn't run this morning, even though I had time and lots of energy.  I'm just taking it easy with the running this week.  I did run/walk on the treadmill yesterday evening after dinner. Just an easy pace 2 miles. 

Here's what I ate today:

Breakfast: 2 eggs with spinach and tomato, roasted sweet potatoes, 1 cup coffee with nutpods

Snack: Banana

Lunch:  Leftover roast, roasted sweet potatoes, wholly guacamole

Snack: Larabar

Dinner:  2 eggs, roasted sweet/white potatoes, whole avocado, La Croix

Lots of lemon water


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Day 11: (I'm actually a day late posting this, but better late than never.) I woke up feeling good.  I realized today that I did not have any cravings or want any food that I saw.  I have a container of candy in my classroom and handed out several pieces today.  Usually I grab a few pieces for myself, but I didn't even want any!  Score!!  

Here's what I ate:

Breakfast: Leftover sweet/white potatoes, two eggs cooked with spinach, onion, tomato, whole avocado, orange, 2x coffee with nutpods

Snack:  Almonds and dates

Lunch: Leftover sweet/white potatoes, two hard boiled eggs, wholly guacamole

Dinner: apple, wholly guacamole, sweet potato, taco chicken-I made in the crockpot with chicken breast and two cans of tomatoes and my own seasoning all compliant (couldn't use my cumin though because it has soy in it, go figure!  LOL)



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