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Caitlin's January Whole30 Log


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Day 20 

Historically I have quit the Whole30 in the 20's so I'm not getting too excited... can't celebrate until day 31! Today was a busy little Saturday but I managed to hit all three meals template-approved!

M1 - two eggs and sweet potato hash cooked in ghee, then drizzled in olive oil 

M2 - WF salad bar salad with chicken - made my own lemon vinaigrette 

M3 - Steak (ribeye), half of one at least, + brussels sprouts (tossed in olive oil & salt before roasting)

Dessert - pink lady apple MUAHAHAHA I almost couldn't find them at WF but I foundddd themmmm (yes, I eat this right after my dinner, so it's really like a side I eat last). 

Exercise - Couch to 5k Week 2 day 2 (not too bad!)

Feeling pretty good, but my hip was really killing me after my c25k run. Not the normal hip pain I get from injuring myself years ago, but this was a deep ache more in the back of my butt. Apparently I have arthritis there so maybe that's what it was. I took some medicine and laid on the heating pad most of the evening. 

I'm actually feeling pretty happy about my normal hip pain, which has been holding me back from exercising for so long. MRI shows nothing, physical therapist helped a lot last year, but I retweaked it while moving in Oct of this year and I don't want to drop $75 a pop for more physical therapy. It sounds like a lot of the issue is inflammation, so reducing inflammation is one of my goals... but I don't know much about it. I went to a very nice spa this summer and during my massage (always so painful) my masseuse was like "wow you are so inflammed, does this hurt?" and I was like UM YES I HATE MASSAGES! She talked me through the inflammation aspect and gave me the first great massage of my life (softest touch ever). I honestly don't know what causes inflammation, but clearly I'm covered in it. Even bumping into things causes excruciating pain and I expect the largest bruise of my life... but there is never a bruise. I missed out on paddle boarding in Maui last month because the first step is to kneel on the board and kneeling hurts so much. So yeah, I guess I'm here for more than just weight loss. 


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Hey Cait, really enjoying reading your journey. The massage sounds like a great idea, I think i'll get one to celebrate the end of W30!-I mean i'll try to stick to the program post-30 days but add beans as I am sick of meat and I can't eat eggs. 

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Day 21 (yesterday)

Great day - finally feeling energetic and managed to cook a delicious pot roast, make salads (including the chicken) for M/T/W and I cleaned the whole kitchen. It's been cold and raining nonstop (in Orange County, CA) so I bundled up and watched The Revenant and felt grateful that I don't have to wait until wolves are done with dead buffalo just to eat some meat. Makes the price tag on the meat I've been buying seem worth it!

M1 - Rosemary sausage hash (http://myheartbeets.com/spicy-rosemary-sausage-and-potato-breakfast-hash/) OMG THIS WAS SO GOOD!!!!! I'm in love with this woman - every recipe of hers that I've made is gold. Oh I had the leftover brussels sprouts while waiting for the hash to finish.

M2 - Skipped. I almost lied and said I had a small salad. I didn't. I ate breakfast late I wasn't hungry again until close to dinner time. 

M3 - Pot roast (Mark Sisson's recipe from Primal Blueprint cookbook) - One of my fave recipes no matter what. I add sweet potatoes and carrots towards the end to fit the whole 30 template.

Worried it will be too rainy to run outside on day 22. I can always go the gym and use a treadmill but that seems like such effort... 


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Day 22 

M1 - Leftover hash (sausage + peewee potatoes) 

M2 - Salad + chicken + lemon viniagrette + kalamata olives

M3 - Beef stew - instant pot + sweet potatoes + carrots (nomnompaleo - I know I said I was breaking up with her, but this recipe is pretty solid) 

Exercise: None - I skipped my run day, (rain/hail/thunder) so I'll do two days in a row. It's just week 2 of couch to 5k, so it shouldn't be a big deal to do two days in a row. 

I booked our trip to the mountains the weekend of 10 Feb, so two things: 1) I want to make this a Whole 39 and 2) I hope I fit into my ski gear... scared to try

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Day 23

Finally feeling more energy. Did my run and extended it by finding a 3.5 mile loop on a walking trail near our house so that was nice. Took the dog out for an after dinner walk too. 

M1 - skipped

M2 - Salad + chicken + lemon viniagrette + kalamata olives

M3 - Pot Roast leftovers (as planned) 

I've been sleeping too much. My whole life really, so maybe I'm in the 2% of people who really need more sleep, orrrr I need to get less. Putting my phone (aka my alarm) on the other side of the room tonight to see if I can get up sooner. Fitbit buzz alarm goes off 2 minutes before that, so we'll see. Alarm set for 6am, going to be now at 9pm hope to be asleep by 10. 

Exercise: Couch to 5k Week 2 Day 3 

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Day 24

Welp, didn't get up when my alarm go off. *Shock* I got 9 hours and 10 minutes, which is pretty much my norm. My alarm went off and I was wide awake but with a smirk I sunk back into the cozy warms blankets and fell back asleep. I have such a hard time falling asleep at night that the feeling of easily slipping back into sleep each morning is heaven. Heaven! Oh, food was fine today but yeah I don't really think about food as much these last few days. Guess that's a good thing.  

M1 - Leftover hash (ate around the potatoes, so really just the sausage)

M2 - Salad + chicken + lemon viniagrette + kalamata olives

M3 - Steak Fajitas (paleomg) not as good as the last time I made it... pretty sure I used hanger steak last time and not flank - must use hanger



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Day 25 


M1 - skipped... classic caitlin

M2 - Leftover fajitas

M3 - three eggs over 1 (small) sweet potato (cubed) all cooked in ghee. Could not face a normal recipe. 

Exercise: Couch to 5k Week 3 Day 1 - AHHH this was hard. I chose a new route that was 650 ft in elevation... went from running 2 mins at a slight (60 ft) incline to 3 mins at a serious incline. (I use Strava to track elevation) I think I can walk faster than I jogged, but I did it! I didn't stop jogging until the little lady said "walk" soooo I'm doing it! BUT it didn't record the workout! Stupid app! I can't believe I didn't get credit for that. So when I got home I clicked through the workout so it would mark it as complete, but WTF.  

I tried on some PJ pants that I love but are too tight. They are still too tight and I'm feeling bummed about it. 

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Day 26

Moody, annoyed, and hungry but nothing looks good. (PMS, I see youuuuu) I was really loving my Peet's americano this morning though. It got to just the right temperature and it was so delicious. Who needs cream!? I almost left work to get another one, but there's not a Peet's near the office and I don't like Starbucks anymore.

Really stacking up on carbs/starchy veggies this week, but I read it's normal/ok during the week before your period. Hoping my runs (aka jogging at turtle pace) help counter the extra carbs. 

M1 - skipped (ugh, was so hungry too)

M2 - WF salad bar salad with paleo chicken thighs & olive oil/lemon juice for a dressing

M3 - Yellow potato/bell pepper/onion hash under 3 eggs. Bleh, the potatoes were just mushy and I wanted crispy. The yolks cooked way too much. Lame dinner, but pretty good under a million shakes of hot sauce. 

Forgot to make my weekly Real Plans menu tonight like normal, so I'll have to make it tomorrow. I've run into the issue of planning too many recipes and not making them, so I think I'll make some more soup and a stew for many nights of leftovers. I'm doing a Whole39 until our ski tip on the 10th of Feb.

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Day 27 

Looked through the #whole30results tag on instagram to keep me motivated because I really wanted some Coldstone. I've had three dreams about Coldstone in the last week. I haven't had it since I moved to CA, so not since summer of 2015. First genuine craving in this Whole30. I even miss the smell. If you took me blindfolded into a Coldstone I would know where I was based on smell alone. 

I slept REALLY well though and popped up out of bed after right about 8 hours of sleep. My fitbit probably thinks I have a plane to catch. 

M1 -- merged with M2

M2 -- Leftover hash with three eggs cooked in ghee

Snack - garden salad (no protein) just before dinner

M3 - Chipotle chicken and green beans (my heart beets) 

Snack - 1 open handful of pistachios (shell on) + ginger berry kombucha (yum!)

Rough day. Period started with little warning (other than my mood) so that was fun. Cramps quickly followed so I spent most of the day on the couch with the heating pad taking medicine, which didn't help too much. 

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Early on Day 29 here... I'm frustrated with something that hasn't changed much. At night and when I wake up I am stuffy. Not overly so like when I am actually sick, but just one nostril is not quite clear and it's a real effort to breathe if I plug up the good one. It switches around, so sometimes my right side is more blocked, sometimes it's the left. At some point in the day it usually clears up. Also I have a bit of phlegm in the mornings and that hasn't changed at all in the past 28 days. 

I was sure it would be because of gluten or dairy, but I'm tempted to take an allergy pill to dry my sinuses up. In the summers I normally take Clartin-D (well, the costco generic that's $5 a pack) - the kind you have to show ID for and can't get more than 1 pack every 2 weeks or so - and it is MAGIC. I feel like I am breathing in twice the amount of air when I take it, but it feels "wrong" to take an allergy pill every day of my life. I don't know what to do. 


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Day 29 (yesterday)

Really disgusted by food, but managed to eat a bit of eggs and potatoes in the morning. Worked on school papers through lunch (unintentionally) and had maybe 5 bites of dinner. 

M1 - 2.5 eggs and leftover hash

M2 - --

M3 - chicken thighs & asparagus 

Took a claritin-d to clear up the gunk. 

Ten more days until my ski trip - going to keep on until then.

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Day 29 (the last two posts were day 28??) (Monday/yesterday/today/what is life?!?) 

M1 - skipped, americano

M2 - WF salad with chicken thighs (see below) 

M3 - WF salad with diced chicken breast (romaine, red cabbage, cucumber, green onion, black olives, carrots balsamic & olive oil)




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Day 30 (!)

My sleep has been drastically better just in the last few nights. I have been wearing a fitbit to track sleep since day 8, and last night I wasn't even restless until maybe 4 or 5am when I had to get up and pee. I have never seen such a solid night of sleep since using the fit bit!

I'm over cooking and I'm over food, so I went to WF last night and got some sides from prepared foods sections - why haven't I been doing this the whole time? Almost all the veggie dishes are compliant. 

M1 - skipped (really annoyed that I never figured out how to eat breakfast), americano

M2 - WF salad with diced chicken breast (romaine, red cabbage, cucumber, green onion, black olives, carrots balsamic & olive oil)

M3 - Three eggs cooked in ghee, brussels sprouts/golden beets/walnuts/olive oil (WF side), green beans/garlic/almonds/olive oil (WF side), handful of kalamata olives

I'm going to post all my stats in the morning, but plan to keep going for a 39 days. Maybe try to have breakfast these last 9 days... :)

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Whole 30 stats/benefits

  • better sleep, though only in the last few nights
  • no digestion issues after day 4
  • less pain in my hip when I jog
  • stopped mindlessly snacking
  • lost 7.2 pounds and about 1/2 to 1 inch on all major measuring points

What I could have done better: 

  • breakfast (I rarely managed to make it), kept planning to make egg muffins or something to grab and go but never did. 
  • sleep schedule, I stayed up too late many nights and of course slept in because of it
  • I wanted to add more anti-inflammatory, like turmeric, but only had it a few times
  • exercise - I started couch to 5k mid way, but barely get over 3k steps a day otherwise

I'm still going... 


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Today's day 33 and I've been going strong. No need to break, but wings and beer this Sunday might be worth it... maybe something GF like cider and make wings at home? I'm a Patriots fan so I will be glued to the TV the whole game. Guac & veggie sticks sound good too. I'm just hungry at the moment because I went to the dentist for a filling and now that the numbing shot has worn off, my jaw aches and I can't/won't chew. Making soup for dinner. 

I'm thinking of using next week as a re-intro because I know I won't be able to do it properly on our ski trip because we'll be eating out every meal. I really don't care about legumes since I rarely eat beans (although it would be nice to not worry about peanut as an ingredient) or gluten (minus the occasional beer craving), but I hope I can tolerate quality dairy, corn, and white rice in small doses. Oh, any maybe soy? Soy sauce is the only soy product I can think of that matters to me.

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Ok, it's day 37 and I'm officially ending my Whole 30 because I'm about to eat some white rice with dinner and see what happens. I made it 36 days and really feel great. I'm down 10.4 pounds since Jan 2nd and I'm chugging along in my couch to 5k progress. I'll probably keep posting in this thread as I make discoveries about what I can/can't eat, but I'm hoping to continue to avoid gluten & soy and transition into a primal approach (crossing my fingers dairy is ok). 

Very thankful for this program. I wish there was an app. 


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