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Newbie starting W30 1-4-17


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I'm a 52 year old distance runner who took the last year off due to a chronic injury. I am starting off the year healed from my injury but fairly unconditioned and having trouble getting back into a training schedule. Prior to my injury I ran and lifted weights 5 days per week.  I registered for a half marathon on 2/12/17 hoping that would kick start my training. The last few weeks have been nothing but gluttony for me with eating too much sugar and drinking too much wine!! Which has also brought on a series of horrible hot flashes. I know from past experience, that sugar is the culprit there and the only way to keep them at bay, is to abstain from sugar. I've trained using Paleo in the past and have had alot of success with it. I'm not looking to crush a PR with my upcoming race, just want to get back on track with a healthy and manageable lifestyle and decided Whole30 is the way. Good luck to everyone starting Whole30!!

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