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Whole 30 - started 1/3


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I started today 1/3! My husband is trying to do this with me. I am a carb - oholic and sugar fiend  so I am a little nervous about all this but - We survived the first day. I don't like veggies so this is even a bigger challenge for me. We have friends who have completed the 30 days and always talk about how much better they feel - we want the same results! So far, so good!

Day 1 food - Coffee with French Vanilla nutpod creamer (not bad since I drink coffee with cream and 2 sugar cubes), hard boiled egg and banana

snack - green grapes

Roast Beef, baked potato with Ghee butter (tastes like popcorn butter almost - very rich), salad,  apple

Applesauce with cinnamon

Chicken breast with chic broth, boiled potato. 1 broccoli floret

applesauce with cinnamon

64 oz of pineapple infused water

Route 44 iced tea

Handful of cashews

No little snacks - chocolate, cookies, etc.

Yay Me!!!!!

I don't know if it was imagining how awful I thought this would be or what but I so badly wanted some bread or chocolate

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