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Started January 10th... anyone else?


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Hi Whole30 Fam!

Anyone else out there start W30 on Tuesday??? 

Day 2 in the books! I'm a first timer so zero clue how this is going to go or what to expect (only what I've read in Melissa'a books). What I do know is I'm motivated and so ready to do this headon. 

Let me know if you started on the 10th too so we can be buds. :) The Hubs is more than happy to eat the meals I make but in no way would commit to 30 days... so it's just me. 

Cheers and good luck on Day 3 (or whatever day you are on)! 

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Yes, me too - started on January 10th.  Got through day 2 and only having a few side effects (headache, gas, bloating, and heartburn - but not all at once, thankfully).  My hubby is eating the dinners and the kids too, but mostly they are sticking to their usual carbs, sugar and dairy.  So I'm going it alone too.

Two things I'm struggling with - all the work mentally and physically that go into meal prep, and saying no to friends for a drink after work. :(

But when I look at the long haul, I'm not so annoyed anymore.  I've got things to figure out for my health and longevity and I'm SO looking forward to this grand experiment!

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Hi There!

Well it sounds like you and I are in the same boat with our fams. ;) Glad i'm not the only one. 

I really have had no side effects. I think though its because prior to starting I was already gluten free, so I had already eliminated so much. Glad to hear yours are not too severe! I was super scared I was going to have the "hangover" days. So glad that hasn't happened. I guess it could still creep up, but since on Day 3 already I hope not! We'll see if "Kill All The Things" sets in tomorrow! haha

Girl the prepping is INSANE. I mean obviously part of the journey, but man it's tough. At the end of our 30 days we will have gained several new kitchen skills I'm sure! I have been chopping veggies, etc before work which has helped a TON. And have tried to keep chopped veggies in the fridge. Oh and I plan to eat this casserole (link below) for breakfast each day, so that will cut down on "thinking about what i'll eat" and prepping. I made this on Monday morning (probably will do Sunday night this week), and its enough for me to have 2 pieces each morning for 6 days! I have been pairing with an avocado and some kind of fruit each morning. I'll switch that up next week I'm sure.  My hubs isn't eating it so that has worked out in my favor. :) Then I'm mainly eating leftovers for lunch each day, from the night before which has helped a ton too. I am just trying to make this as easy as possible and trying not to stress too much.  I think my slow cooker and I will be even closer once it's all said and done. I am not loving the black coffee, so I am def ordering NutPods today. 


Ha the saying no to fun isn't fun! I mentally prepared myself for that before I started, and even told some of our friends I'd see them in 30 days! I put all the wine away and hid the beer so I wouldn't be tempted. I also made a junk food drawer in my house for our daughter and the Hubs.

SO great you have such a good outlook. You are right its going to be such a game changer AND I keep reminding myself its only 30 days. Anything I still REALLY want to eat will still be there when this is all said and done. :) I hope to come out of this with more willpower to say no to those things I don't need at all and can live without (ie. my daughters processed rice krispie treats hhaha). And maybe a smaller waist would be ok too! :P

Did not mean to write a book! But it's so nice to be able to vent and discuss things with someone that is going through the same thing as I. Good luck on Day 3. We are going to ROCK the hell out of Whole30!!!

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Yikes, I can't believe I haven't looked at the Forum since day 3!  And now it's day 7... time flies, and that's a good thing!  Thanks for all your perspectives and stories.  I'm going to try the casserole.  Sounds like a huge time saver!  Thank you for the recipe! :)

I am finding ways to make the food prep easier too, like you.  I have been chopping extra veggies when I already have the cutting board and knives out and keeping baggies of them in the fridge.  I've been making extra chicken to use in a protein salad the next day.  For the first time ever, I feel like my family is going to finish the entire monster box of spinach from Costco BEFORE any of it spoils!!!  I surprisingly have not craved wine, beer or fun mixed drinks, so that's a super bonus too!  

One week in and I am not so tired during the day, have a little more energy, and am feeling MUCH more positive about the food prep.  The kiddos and Hubby are liking the dinners.  

High five!  Cheers to conquering week 2!

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Day 8!!! We are scooting along. Thank goodness Week 1 is OVER!

I planned food this week but already am changing up my lunches, etc. :) 

Food prep is much easier, but once the 30 days is up I will not miss this.  HAHHA

I did a new casserole this week bc i was a little over sausage last week. Below is the link. I used ground turkey and omitted the potatoes. I did add some red and green peppers. :) I will used fresh spinach next time. this time i used frozen. Its really good. Especially topped with fresh salsa ( I buy the big container from Costco).


Hopefully Day 8 and 9 won't give us belly issues! So far so good.

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Glad I'm not the only one with week 1 kitchen prep burnout. I live to cook which has helped, food is really good and I haven't gone through this many veggies in forever. I didn't have much of a hangover, but I had started with apple cider cleanse a couple months ago and had a 2-day gut cleanse hangover so I got that out of my system. I'm still doing apple cider vinegar drinks a few times a day to keep it really clean.

single with grown and out of the house kids so at least I don't have to keep anyone else in real food. I am dating someone so with steak, salad, baked potato and grilled zucchini for Saturday night dinner neither of us had an issue with "diet". He is a non-drinker and I'm a  certified wine-organic. I've cut way back since we have been together. Honestly, my ability to do that is what gave me the confidence I could go 30 days without alcohol. Unfortunately, I really am feeling better not drinking so I may beven losing my membership in the ranks of wine-o's of the world. Tough because my dad owns a winery, but I can enjoy when I visit after first 30 days.

I'm doing this mostly for health reasons. I just turned 50 and have a reallyrics bad back and started having really bad skin problems a year ago. Also total fatigue and ADD so I'm all in. Losing weight is a nice added benefit. 

I'm not a coffee drinker but do miss the Stevia I used to sweeten my tea with. I'm enjoying a morning cup of chai tea topped off with whipped coconut milk. After a year of getting way too into sweet and sugar, I may be starting to enjoy the natural sweetness of food more without adding any extra. 

I need to work but will enjoy chatting with you all. 

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Hi all! I also started on January 10 and am so glad I found a few others who are also ending Day 8 today. How are you guys doing?

My meal prepping has been going awesome however I NEED to dedicate 2-3 hours to prep on Sunday evenings with my music going so it keeps me motivated haha. I have been feeling SO tired lately though but still managing to workout 4x my first week in. Have you been noticing if you're tired more the past couple of days? I know it's typical based on what Days 6-7 are like (sleepy for many) but I'm worried this will stay on (hoping not!)

I ate out at my first restaurant this weekend while on Whole30 and while my friends/boyfriend ate the most yummy smelling nachos and pretzels with cheese, I happily ate my steak salad. :) Cravings haven't been too bad, it's only when I don't get ahead of my hunger by eating on time for my next meal do I get any cravings. That's been a learning for me - and keeping my meals packed with protein and good fats! Eating nuts and avocados in so much...

Any other tips/tricks on meal prepping or getting more energy into your days would be great to hear. Best of luck to you all on this journey!


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Nice to have a whole crew of January 10-ers on the forum join me and Ntruffin!  

DJBin, I'm also doing this for health reasons.  Was recommended by my doc for PCOS/acne, and other hormone related issues.  I thought I would miss my drinks (wine, beer, liquor) but am not!  (Except when friends want to go for a drink after work...). I stopped eating all dairy about 5 weeks ago and added a few supplements to my daily routine, and breakouts on my face have stopped.  It's a miracle.  5 years being in my mid-30s and a career woman - acne is never fun but this was embarrassing!  My other symptoms are also markedly improved.  I'm happy with these recent changes in my life!  And so is my hubby.  

JillyBean, I haven't been too tired but I did hit a mid-afternoon slump today and wished I could take a nap.  Im an avid cross country skier and that continues at least 3 times a week.  I continue to hit the wall mid-workout.  I need to figure out how to get in a good snack before and after the workout - I need to review the Whole30 section on athletes.  For snacks, when I get behind schedule on my meals, I eat nuts or a little spoonful of almond butter with a dab of coconut manna (is that cheating?).  I hope not because it saves me from being hangry and gives me enough energy to cook the meal!

Meal prep has gotten SO much easier too.  I'm in a routine now and understand the basics of a meal, so the exhaustion has eased on that end.  Still requires thought and more time than the easy "meal in a box" I used to resort to on tired/lazy days (Mac & cheese and chicken nuggets!). Now I look at that and think "gross"!

Cheers to day 8 everyone!

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Well look at that we have a posse now. :) Hey @Jillybean2017 and @DJBinHB2017!

Welcome to Day 9 Ladies!

Ha well I took 6 weeks off of doing my OrangeTheory classes (strep, and wasn't brave enough for week 1 of W30), and I can't walk today, so... I will be going back on Friday!

I have been kind of winging meals the past couple of days (although i shopped and planned for other things), but I think I am just getting better at inventing meals, so this week hasn't been quite as tough. SO GLAD WEEK 1 IS BEHIND US! 

I haven't been too too tired. Last night I was up way past my normal bedtime finishing a book (Big Little Lies) and couldn't sleep. Typically I read at bedtime to relax and fall asleep haha.

Not craving really anything but gum. Weird, right? 

So I know they say not to, but Rx Bars was all I had time for before my workout on Monday and that was a LIFESAVER. I had eaten breakfast that morning, but my class is at noon so I was lunch hungry. That really held me over. I read several articles on this and they say fats prior too working out, so like a handful of nuts. Which the only nuts we have in our house currently, I cannot eat so that was not an option for me.

@Crystal of the snow I don't think what you are doing is cheating at all!

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Just checking in.  I got a cold and it was awful to not be able to take all the things I usually take (emergen-C, Sudafed, ibuprofen...). I learned some new tricks but they didn't make feel better (at least immediately).  My symptoms have improved but I still am feeling the upper respiratory effects.  I made the chicken chowder and it helped too.

When I regain my energy, I'll go for a ski and try the Dump Ranch!

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Oh No! You poor thing! 

I hope you are much improved now. 

I am on this forum a lot looking at different ideas, checking food choices, etc, but I always forget to check this feed. :)

Day 17! Woo hoo! So glad to be over that 15 day hump. Although i am considering a Whole45. 

How is everyone feeling??? I feel awesome except today I am EXHAUSTED! Which i think is just because my work week has been crazy, not the Whole30. 

I had to go to an event last night that I wasn't planning on going to. The chef was really nice and made a separate piece of salmon for me. They forgot the fruit, which was fine, because unlike 18 days ago, that salmon was enough for me. Ha I was surprised actually. Thought I would get hungry again and I didn't... 

Has anyone formed any new habits they think they will keep? I for sure think I will keep up the menu planning. After all it will be much simpler after Whole30 to plan, even if I do stick with all healthy dinners. I definitely have turned into a label reading crazy person. I plan to keep that up as well. But stevia and cream in my coffee, that is coming back. :wub: oh and wine!

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