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Longer, heavier period...WTF?


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Started my period on day 15 of my Whole30 which was a few days late...no biggie.  On day 6 of my cycle, when I should be almost done my flow increased - majorly - and here I am on day 9 of my period, which is unheard of for me, day 22 of my Whole30 and ready to throw in the towel!  I'm sure it has to do with my hormones freaking or leveling out but, come on!  I feel it's totally sucking the tiger blood out of me that I should be experiencing right now!  I've read so many posts of other women's cycles and PMS symptoms being less or improving and I was just wondering if anyone out there is experiencing the opposite like I am?  Forgive me for sounding whiny, I guess I just need a little encouragement right now!  

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I just asked the same question yesterday...forgive me for not seeing your post earlier.  My cycle has drastically changed these past two months and is similar to yours; heavier, longer, new effects.  Has your cycle remained changed since January or did it even out or go back to normal?

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