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Jan Whole 30 Results


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Jan 2 - Jan 31

Whole 30 stats/benefits

  • better sleep, though only in the last few nights
  • no digestion issues after day 4
  • less pain in my hip when I jog
  • stopped mindlessly snacking
  • 241.4lbs to 234.2lbs - lost 7.2 pounds and about 1/2 to 1 inch on all major measuring points 

What I could have done better: 

  • breakfast (I rarely managed to make it), kept planning to make egg muffins or something to grab and go but never did. 
  • sleep schedule, I stayed up too late many nights and of course slept in because of it
  • I wanted to add more anti-inflammatory, like turmeric, but only had it a few times. Turmeric is actually gross to me if I can taste it, haha.
  • exercise - I started couch to 5k mid way, but barely get over 3k steps a day otherwise... yikes. Fibits don't lie

I'm still going for another 9 days (Whole 39?) until my ski trip. I'm not sure if I'll be able to do a real re-introduction because we'll be eating out all weekend. I'd like to do another Whole 30 soon, but since I have a couple of trips planned throughout March I anticipate trying a "whole 15" (or more or less) until I can do another straight 30 days. That's the goal, right? Eat really well most of the time and then don't worry about it too much on vacation?

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Props on the tracking detail. I didn't keep that close an eye on it, but just focused on making each meal compliant.  The key for me was really cutting out the alcohol and snacking. It seemed to work but I  am focusing on getting better and more variety on veggies moving forward.    


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