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Just finished my 1st Whole 30


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I just completed my first Whole30 program.  I wasn't sure what to expect from it although I had heard so many good things.   I loved it and am so glad I did it.  I haven't started on reintroduction yet but wanted to say that I will keep to the spirit of the Whole30 forever.  I didn't really lose a lot of weight which would have been nice but I did get good gut health which has been elusive for me after an unfortunate hospital experience a couple of years ago. That is the best thing ever for me and I believe that getting a healthy gut will only help me moving forward.  I really didn't miss a lot on the program except for the occasional glass of wine.  I am sleeping like a baby and wake up every day refreshed.

One very positive thing is that I did get a sinus infection in the middle of the third week.  Normally that would have devolved into bronchitis or pneumonia because I have such bad allergies.  This time it stayed as a sinus infection and I shook it off in a week. That was so amazing so my inside body seems to be a lot healthier. 

I've always had a 6 day workout schedule so that hasn't changed.  My workouts have ramped up quite a bit and I am feeling so good afterwards.

I know that everyone has a different experience but I really loved and am so glad I was able to complete it.   Just wanted to share my experience because sometimes weight loss although nice is not the complete picture.  I am so much healthier inside now and am really happy that I did it!

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