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Starting today - February 6


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After a recommendation from her doctor, my mom - who lives with me - decided to start a Whole30 this month. Being the lovely daughter that I am, I volunteered to do it with her (well, ok, mostly do it for her, as she'd give up in 5 seconds flat if she had to do all the label reading and planning and cooking herself!)

Her hope here is to lose weight so she can get knee replacement surgery. Mine is more to tame my sugar dragon (I was drinking up to a 2-liter of soda most days!) and figure out if there are foods causing my digestive issues.

We decided to start today as my daughter's birthday was yesterday, and we didn't want her to miss out on her party and special meal and cake and everything just because we were doing this.

I've got my fingers crossed that we can stick with this. It's going to be tough doing all the planning & cooking, but it should be worth it. I hope.

...but, geez, I already miss bread!

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