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mrs_purchase makes a change


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I'm currently on my official R1D3. I say official, because my husband and I started planning for this 2 weeks ago, and began following the plan a week ago Monday. But we had a couple of meal engagements that week, so apart from some brown rice at one, and some potentially sugar-containing salsa at another, we've really been working this thing since January 30th. But I'm a bit of a stickler Purchase, so our official start date was February 6th.

I grew up eating sugar and carbs and have been overweight for most of my life. In 2009, I reached 243 lbs and decided that was not who I wanted to be. I joined Weight Watchers, read a whole bunch of popular diet information, and ended up losing about 70 lbs. Then I got stuck, and couldn't lose any more. So I started working out, and that didn't help. Eventually, thanks to a very successful 2015 baseball season for the KC Royals and lots of beer and garbage food, I found myself gaining some back. Around Thanksgiving of last year, I was 203 lbs but more than that, I felt awful.

Cut to a few weeks ago, when a couple of friends who are clean-eating converts asked me to watch the movie Fed Up. Then I watched That Sugar Film. That got me totally riled. For years I bought into the calories-in-calories-out line. But it's such bullshit - what sugar and "low-fat foods" do to the body is completely different than what a steak and sweet potatoes do in there. The calories are NOT the same.

So here I am on official day 3 of my Whole30, and I feel incredible. Like, really, really good. More energy. Less cloudy head. My husband is in this with me and that makes it easier. If the rest of these 30 days is like I've had so far, I'm in for a hell of a good experience.

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