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Day 22 and…nothing


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A bit of background: I’m 62, I have no underlying medical issues that I know of other than reflux, my weight has been up and down over the years (I’m currently in an up cycle, with about 60 pounds to lose), this is my first Whole30 and I ate VERY poorly for quite a while prior to starting (I’m a hobby bread baker so I bleed gluten, and sugar and I were best pals).

When I commit to something, I really commit, so I’ve been very good about following the program. My meals are balanced, I’m not snacking, I’ve avoided all SWYPO foods and even managed to stay on point during an emergency situation. I exercise by walking as much as I can and I’m trying to break decades of bad sleep habits, so far to no avail. But overall, I would say I’ve been a model Whole30-er. 

Thus far, however, I can’t point to any improvements. As mentioned, I ate very poorly prior to starting and I understand that it may take longer for people like me to notice any positive changes, so I’m planning on continuing the program past 30 days. But… 

The program has been surprisingly easy for me and I find that strangely troubling. Given my pre-W30 eating habits, especially how much gluten and sugar I consumed, I’ve experienced NO cravings, NO withdrawal symptoms, NO mood swings, NO deprivation, no nothing. Seriously, I’m not missing or craving anything. Whenever I’ve reached for something that’s a Whole30 no-no, it’s been strictly out of habit, not desire, so it’s been very easy to move past the momentary feeling. I suppose I should count my blessings but it just seems odd to me.

Has anyone else experienced this?

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