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Starting April 1st...this is not an April fools' joke!


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Hey everyone! This is my first forum post, and I wanted to jump on here to share my start date and a little about myself. I'm Liz, I'm 28, and I'm starting the Whole30 on April 1st!! I've attempted Whole30 before but didn't make it successfully through the entire 30 days and had several slip-ups, so I'm going into April looking at this as my first time! 


Over the past several years, chronic stress has taken its toll on my body and things like severe eczema, food sensitivities, fatigue (both adrenal and just in general), digestive issues, headaches, brain fog, bloat-weight, and a handful of other problems have just become my norm. And I'm sick and tired of feeling sick and tired!! 


Excited to start this journey and find support in this forum.


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