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Brand New - Start date April 21


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Hi, everyone. I ran across this program while looking for slow cooker recipes. I have been chronically ill for 20+ years. My daughter is getting married April 15 (thus the late start date) and my husband and I will be official empty-nesters. Between my illness and his super busy schedule, meals need to be easy and healthy.

A little background: I got sick when my daughter (2nd child) was born and after seven long years, we finally got a diagnosis of Lyme disease. Twenty years later, in spite of finally finding a clinic that treats my whole body naturally, I'm in a wheelchair and not doing well at all. I was gluten free for 10 years - didn't help. My body is swollen with fluid that it just can't seem to release. We've tried everything, believe me.

I've never "dieted". It just wasn't right for me. Now I'm finally ready to try this program, but I'm pretty scared! What if it doesn't work? Nothing else has. Regardless, I'm going to spend the next month getting ready for this, then the first payday after my daughter's wedding, I will start. I'm hoping my hubby will do it with me.

I'm not normally a very open person, so even typing this out is uncomfortable for me. But this is my commitment, so here goes.... Pray for me!

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