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MGCRNA Starting April 3, 2017


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I'm starting my first Whole 30 on this coming Monday. I've been having some health issues and I'm hoping this clears things up. For the last two years I've suffered from acephalic, ophthalmic migraines (no headache, just extreme visual disturbances). This is very disrupting and I'm unable to perform my typical activities of daily living as well as perform my work duties; I usually have to take a long nap (4 hours or more) and they go away, but this obviously disrupts my sleep schedule and leaves me tired the rest of the week. Then, about a month ago I started having double vision at night a few times a week. I have some tests pending for autoimmune diseases. I've contemplated doing a Whole 30 for quite some time but always came up with excuses (too busy, too broke, etc.) but now I have no reason to not do it. I'd really love to find out that all of my symptoms are just related to sugar or dairy intolerances, or at least that some of my symptoms can be attenuated by a clean diet. There's only one way to find out!

My goal is to update this thread daily,. I'm sure I'll have a million questions along the way. Thanks to whomever is reading. 

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Day 1 (yesterday)

Breakfast @0630: 2 hard boiled eggs with some kale and olive oil. Black tea

Lunch @1200: baked chicken thighs with some sweet potatoes, carrots, and half an avocado. Fact: I've eaten the exact same lunch for the past 1.5 years during the weeks. Glad it's Whole 30

Dinner @ 1900: Ground turkey with a lot of seasoning, cauliflower and a handful of almonds. 

Felt great all day but hungry at bedtime. I usually end my day with something sweet so I couldn't tell if it was hunger or 

Day 2 (today)

Breakfast @ 0445 (had to be at work by 6am): 2 hard boiled eggs with some kale and olive oil. 1/2 cup of black tea because I was running late.

Lunch @ 1300: baked chicken thighs with some sweet potatoes, carrots, and almonds. 

Snack @ 1700: apple with some more almonds. I was feeling really weak and I know fruit isn't the best snack, but it's what I had available. 

Had a small issue with our crockpot today (read: it didn't cook! Not sure if my husband didn't turn it on right or what, but very concerning) but luckily we have a Snap Kitchen on our street. I was absolutely thrilled when I googled whether or not it was Whole 30 approved and found this https://blog.snapkitchen.com/whole30-at-snap-kitchen/ Going to grab dinner there now. I don't want this to be a regular thing because I seriously cannot afford it as a full time student, but it's not a bad alternative.

Felt pretty sluggish today. I was at work from 6-930, then in class until 5. I couldn't pay attention in class at all, and as I was leaving I was feeling so sick so I bought an apple and raw almonds from our cafe. Here's to hoping that goes away soon. 

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Day 3:

Breakfast @ 0630: 2 hard boiled eggs with some kale and olive oil. 

Snack @ 1100: carrots and almonds

Lunch @ 1430: baked chicken thighs with some sweet potatoes. 

Snack @ 1600: I couldn't figure out why I was so hungry so soon after eating lunch, so I went for a walk, had a full bottle of water, and still couldn't concentrate on my schoolwork. I didn't want to snack but I ended up eating an apple. As I'm typing this up I realized I did not have any fat with my lunch so I blame that. I wish I had realized it before because I would have had an avocado or something else as a snack, but now I feel satisfied. 

Dinner ~1900 will be chicken that I have in the crock pot right now with cauliflower and the 1/2 an avocado I didn't eat for lunch. 

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