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May 12th Start Date- Looking for Support


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Hello!! I'm pretty new to the Whole30. I have done some research and tried to make some changes to my diet but find it hard to stay committed. So I am looking for possibly a buddy or for some support. I am sure I will have many questions and will need words of encouragement when I want to give up. I will definitely do the same!

A little about me. I am a 22 year old college student getting ready to graduate! YAY! I also work on average 26-32 hours a week. I am hoping that even though I am under a lot of stress at the moment I can start to feel healthier. I have been dealing with IBS-C and inflammation problems since I was 12 and think it is finally time to start focusing on healing. I am taking some supplements- berberine for 2 weeks and allicin and a daily probiotic. I also need to take a controlling inhaler daily.

So if anyone is ready to take this journey, let's do it together! Thanks for reading. :)

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I am planning to start tomorrow, and will be glad to keep up with you!  I need encouragement, too!  

I also have IBS.  I was diagnosed at around 20 years old.  I'm now 48.  I moved into a new house about 15 years ago, and became ill, apparently due to a combination of mold (a leak in the walls) and MTHFR (a genetic mutation that decreases my ability to process folic acid and to rid myself of things that are bad for me).  I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia, had a tonsillectomy, and breast cancer 4 years ago.  A year or so ago, I started to fight for my health again.  I refused to believe that fibromyalgia was something that I was stuck with.  I am getting better!  This will be my third Whole30.  When I was at the end of my first Whole30, I remember thinking, "I feel good and in control.  I don't want to end this."  I had lost 15 pounds and my body had reshaped and I just looked and felt so much better.  More focus and energy.  

Lately, I have let my old eating habits creep back in, even though I continue to believe in and follow many principles of the Whole30.  As I have just recently learned of my MTHFR mutation, I am really just beginning to learn what it means for me and how to care for myself properly with it.  It turns out, it is not good for me to have dairy or wheat :(.  

Of course, sugar is bad for everyone.  I have a sugar addiction.  A little is too much and a lot is never enough...  I tell myself that I can just eat a little sugar, but that is just never true for me.  Once I start eating sugar, the weight comes on me and I start feeling out of control. 

I am ready to have the health back that I lost 15 years ago. I am taking lots of supplements for my MTHFR.  I want and need to get my eating in line, also, so that I can be healthy and do the things that I need to do to really live life again!

I liked the encouragement I received from the Forum.  The first time, I joined a group that started on the same day.  I also really like the Whole30 Daily emails.  They are $14.95 the first time, then $4.95 if you subscribe to them for another Whole30.  These are encouraging and give you pertinent information related to the issues that you might be having  on that day.  I also really like listening to "It Starts With Food" on audible.  I have listened to it countless times!  It seems to work like hypnosis for me, and give me amazing strength to follow the program. I also have the Whole30 book and several recipes in there, especially the spaghetti sauce.  

How did you find out about the Whole30?  How have you prepared?

I need support!  People don't eat very healthy where I'm from, and I don't know anyone desperate enough or just willing to join me on a Whole30.  I'm glad that we will be taking this journey together!  You can do it!!!  

"Food is medicine or food is poison".  by someone famous...

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Hi there!

I am starting today so I'm on board!  I have tried the Whole30 in the past, but without support, and only made it to day 17.  So I am going to use this online support system to help!

I have severe insomnia which is why I am planning on following this through.  I wake up a bit after midnight and am restless until about 5am when I can fall back asleep.  Unfortunately I'm a teacher so I have to get up at that time!  Whole30 eating does wonders for my sleep.  I think it's  a combination of no sugar and no alcohol - my body isn't awake trying to metabolize the junk.

On another note, I am an almost 40 :D mother of 4.  

Look forward to speaking with you all!



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