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My Whole30 log, third time is the charm!


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I started my first Whole30 on 5/6/17, restarted on 5/7/17 due to realizing my sriracha sauce had sugar in it and restarted again today, 5/9/17 due to a sugar/peanut butter binge last night. Hopefully the third time is the charm! I am going to try to post here at least once daily to help keep me on track. I am looking forward to any and all feedback from everyone here. I just finished It Starts With Food and am really looking forward to taking this step.

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1:00 pm on day 2 and I am feeling great. Got up at 4am and worked out from 4:3--5:30. My meals so far are as follows:

Post-workout-collard greens and grape tomatoes sauteed in lemon juice and 2 eggs scrambled with some dill coconut/olive oil spread.

Breakfast-coconut crusted salmon, 2 eggs and veggies topped with the coconut/olive oil spread.

Lunch Chicken salad mixed with sweet potatoes, black olives, grape tomatoes on collard greens, mixture of roasted brussels sprouts, radishes, zuchini, celery and cabbage, cucumber and a few snow peas. I brought a banana to have with either breakfast or lunch but I was too full.




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