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Second Timer - Starting November 4th!


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Howdy all!!!

Back in late April I started my first Whole 30 and was very successful. It helped me a lot getting in getting my eating under control, helped with allergies, bloating, etc. Since then I have followed a 90/10 Paleo eating plan. Most of my deviations have been in the form of cheese/dairy and alcohol, and there was a run in with a cupcake and a half at a wedding but I would rather not rehash the details. As of right now I am down 126lbs since late January, 76 of which is since my first Whole 30. I am down 266lbs from my highest weight ever. I know that the primary message of the Whole 30 is not weight loss, but for me that had to be a priority or I was facing a truly uncertain future. Now I feel certain the future is brighter and that the food I eat is contributing to that fact!

It is funny that this morning I saw the Facebook post about starting a Whole 30 during the holiday season. It is possibly one of the first times I personally can't get on board completely with the message within. For me traditionally the holidays have always derailed any of my efforts at a healthier lifestyle. Starting a Whole 30 this weekend is about me choosing control and committing myself to celebrating the people and spirit of the holiday, specifically NOT the food that I know will not make me feel good in the long run. I want the love of my family and friends to be the thing that creates the comfort and warmth, not the bread stuffing, pumpkin pie, and eggnog! I hope that makes some sense.

I feel like these next 60 days will be some of the toughest of my life as I attempt to prove to myself that I have truly changed from the person I used to, to the person I want to be.

Have a fantastic day and keep going everyone! :-)


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