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12-14 hour work days and a workout

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Hey all! I am about to finish up my first Whole 30! However, I need to get back in to a workout routine. I have several at home workouts that I like to do. The part that I'm struggling with is planning out pre/post work out + breakfast on the days I work. I work 12 hour days but most of the time they end up becoming 13-14 hour days by the time I leave for work and get home. Previously, when I was working out on a consistent basis I was waking up about 4:30 a.m, working out, have a small shake after and then hurry to get ready for work (which would be a similar case now) and sometimes no breakfast at all, just snacks. Once I get to work there is usually not time for me to eat breakfast (which in the last 30 days I have been eating before going to work), just lunch. I would love some advise. Should I just skip my workout on days I work the 12 hours? it's 3 days a week. If I do work out should it be a light workout such as an easier yoga?? Thanks in advance!

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