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Autoimmune Thyroditis, Vitilago, Psoriasis

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Today is day 2 - I am doing the WHOLE30 -Autoimmune Protocol- eating plan.

I have Autoimmune Thyroditis [Hashimoto Thyroiditis], Vitilago, and one Psoriasis patch.

I think the hardest part for me will be giving up NSAIDs because I have pain issues.

I have a uterine fibroid, mid cycle pain and bad menstrual cramps.

I will try Tylenol instead.

I am thinking that these many years of taking high doses of NSAIDs have caused a leaky gut in the first place

therefore causing me to develope autoimmune conditions?

I hope that this plan will help with the pain, maybe it is caused by sytemic inflammation?

I am also Estrogen dominant and am on bioidentical progesterone cream.

Anyone else doing the autoimmune protocol with these same issues?

I took my before pictures yesterday and weighed myself, then put away the scale for the month.

For supper last night:

I had ground free range chicken fried in olive oil with chopped onion and garlic, added half a head of raw cauliflower cut in small pieces, one small can of drained black olives, onion powder, garlic powder, black pepper, sea salt, fennel, also added some coconut aminos.

Cooked till cauliflower was tender. I had a small bowl of raw raspberries and blackberries, for a beverage I had carbonated mineral water with a twist of fresh lemon. I sure am going to miss cayanne pepper, curry, tomatoes, mayonaise, eggs...

I have decided to decline any invitations to go out for meals and will cook all of my own food. :D

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Hi! I have Hashimoto's and also suffer from painful menstrual cramps. Last month was the first time I did not use NSAIDs, and it was really rough. I am planning to use white willow bark next time around. I saw a lot of improvements in my autoimmune symptoms this month so I think it was worth it. Good luck!

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Hi! I don't have Hashimoto's but I do have chronic hypothyroidism as a result of losing my thyroid to cancer 21 years ago. Constant chronic pain was a huge problem for me. So was the leaky gut that I believe was linked to the thousands of Advil I took every year. I would take 12-16 a day, every day, for years.

When I started Whole30, I continued with Advil (Tylenol doesn't work for me) but noticed I needed it less and less as time went on. I extended my Whole 30 and around day 65, I realized my neck pain was gone. Then my headaches became less frequent. And now my back doesn't and hands hardly ever hurt and my muscles don't ache like they used to.

I still take Advil If I absolutely need it, but I now experience days and even weeks where I don't touch it. And when I do, I just need one or two. Give it some time, but I believe it is possible for you to experience considerable relief from many of your symptoms just by following this program. All the best to you.

P.S. I gave up all invitations to go out for the first month too - it really helped keep me on track :-)

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Thanks MIckey and LRM!

Let me know how that willow bark works, is it simular to asprin?

I am trying to not take any ibuprofen or naproxen but when my period time comes around I just don't know?

For my mid cycle pain I am going to try tylenol, but it does not work well for me?

Also I am taking extra magnesium because I am told it helps with pain.

I really want to heal my gut and am sure that the NSAIDs did damage, I hope that things get better as I stick to this program.

How many days have you both done so far?

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Hi Meloday - I did a fully compliant Whole 100 (July 1 - Oct 8). Since then I've only added a little bit of dairy to my diet. I've tried a little grain once (big mistake) and I believe a little soy lecithin was in a flavored tea I had last week. No other changes to the plan. I believe it will take a year + for me to fully heal my issues. I will also continue to do Whole 30's every few months to keep on track.

I hope you start to feel better soon.


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