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day 28 everything feels NEW

i heart my body

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Hi Whole 30 community and fellow journeyers - I'm happy to share that I am feeling wonderful this morning and i think much has to do with the whole 30 effect.

I timed this month's whole 30 with a few other planned changes (mainly to my apartment) and a few unplanned things cropped up unexpectedly (a concussion, needing to shave my head, a weird hip ailment); so even though I have stuck with the diet religiously, I am only now getting to the part where I feel amazing. and I do - maybe this is tiger blood?! I bounded out of bed without pain for the first time weeks without pain. I think my pain vanishing is the result of a number of factors including (a) a mindfulness (during standing, sitting, squatting) practice around my hip joints that I learned years ago from Alexander technique training, (b) a tincture of time, (c) a new mattress that I'm wild about, (d) anti-inflammatory supplements and an occasional Aleve, (e) new surroundings in my home that foster peace and (f) and probably my body responding to whole30. Plus I'm starting to make homemade bone broth, have a new haircut (a buzz cut - that's a whole other story) and am recovering from a concussion. So lots of factors in the grand mix of things, but it feels amazing to bound out of bed and to feel a renewed sense of hope for my body. 

between how i feel, how i look - someone recently told me i look 28 (i'm 50) - and the changes going on in my living environment, i do feel that anything is possible. sending love and encouragement to all of you. thanks for all i have received.



i highly recommend timing the whole 30 with fixing up your kitchen, bedroom or other area in you physical space if that makes sense to you. 

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