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Hello Whole30


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Hello Whole30. My name is Suzy, I'm 62 and very excited to reset my body! I've been dieting all my life with the yoyo results one might expect.  Over the past 13 years I've steadily (and very SLOWLY) lost 56lbs ... yikes, stating it like that kind of explains why I need to kick my food addictions and identify what's triggering relapses. I started this program last Sunday. I've been enjoying the terrifec food, and not feeling hungry.  Sadly, I just discovered that my multivitamin has hidden sugar... arggg. Sooooo, my new start date is today, June 29th, and I'm putting my magnifying glass in my purse so I can see ALL the ingredients lol. I'm not feeling frustrated, just glad that eating for my health  is so much easier than any weight reduction plan I've ever tried over the past 45 years!  Looking forward to the journey!

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