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So tomorrow (7/6/17) is my final day...


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I have followed the food rules religiously...and the most difficult issue for me to get past was the change in coffee.  I used to drink A LOT of coffee and I used 1 packet of artificial sweetener and flavored creamer in each cup.  I have never craved sweets and I love vegetables so the adjustment wasn't horrible for me.  It took a couple of weeks to get used to drinking coffee with just a little bit of non-dairy milk (coconut, almond and now cashew) but now I am fine with it.

I was never someone who obsessively weighed myself...but avoiding the scale was the one rule I broke, but not obsessively.  I was just really excited because I could feel and see the weight loss and I wanted to know how much, lol.  Keep in mind that I have NOT exercised at all aside from taking a couple of short walks with my daughter when she walked her dog.  For the last year I could not do that.  I had pain just standing up for 5 minutes, or even less.  That has gotten SO MUCH better.  My chest pains...gone.  Bloating...gone.  Feeling icky...gone.  

I did NOT take pictures...I am camera shy.  I didn't measure inches...I couldn't be bothered with those.  But what I CAN say is...as of this morning I have lost TWENTY POUNDS!!  I did not measure out any kind of portions or anything...just ate when I was hungry within the rules.  Had I done portions I probably would have lost more.  My goal with this plan is to make healthy changes in how I eat and detoxing from the garbage.  

Now, I have NEVER stuck to a diet beyond 5 days.  I wasn't going to let that happen this time...I know myself...so I had a PLAN, lol!  

I checked sales for buy one get one free meats and good sales on Whole 30 compliant ingredients and planned crockpot freezer meals based on what was on sale.  The day before I started the program I prepared 18 crock pot dinners and froze them.  All I had to do was pick one and put it in the fridge the night before and then dump it in the crockpot in the morning and turn it on low.  Following the plan just became EASIER than NOT following it!  I recommend this for anyone who veers towards what is convenient.  For breakfast I cut up veggies and and tossed them in the fry pan until done and then scrambled a couple of eggs and seasoned with basil, paprika, salt and pepper.  I would have leftovers from the night before for lunch as a rule.  If I felt hungry in between I would have a piece of fruit or some nuts.

So...I went out today and picked up a few things to add over the next few days...stevia for any recipes or coffee, honey for tea and any recipes where it's better suited...and I got a broader range of gluten free flours/powders.  The only new one I got that I don't think is compliant is sorghum flour.  I also found green banana flour, which I have never heard of before...so I'm excited to try that for pancakes or breakfast muffins in the near future.  I found that I really like Cashew milk a lot, too.  

My future plan is to try to, for the most part, stick to what I've been doing for the last month...especially limiting processed food, gluten and most dairy.  I already avoided sugar but used way too much of the artificial sweeteners.  I'm definitely changing that.

I guess I should have posted something before starting but I like to be difficult, haha.

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