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Day 1 of First Whole30 July 10 - today!


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Hi my name is Elizabeth and I'm just checking in to say I am just embarking on my first Whole30 journey today, Monday July 10. My husband is also on board (yay). I am excited but scared. I've been in a bad mood off and on the past week in anticipation, but I'm feeling a little better now that I've done some planning and preparation. I didn't throw non-compliant food away (well, some, from the fridge) but I did move it out of the cabinets. 

The main reason I'm doing Whole30 is that I have arthritis in my right thumb and my left big toe, both of which are very painful and limit what I can do. Amazing how two little digits can impact so much. I am hoping I'll get some relief. I am also looking forward to better sleep, improved skin and greater energy. Losing weight wouldn't hurt either.

I am 55 years old, live in NH, work at a library.  Hope to make some friends here and get support for the Whole30 journey!

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