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Delayed Effects


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Good morning, or is it? The first four days of my Whole30 went quite well. I hadn't experienced any of the feelings Melissa mentions in her book under what to expect, so I thought easy, peasy. It wasn't until I was roaming the house last night looking for a snack that I realized I was experiencing day 4 and 5 effects (delayed one day) on day 5 and probably today, day 6. Looking back on yesterday (my day 5), I remember snapping at one coworker (you threw out my Whole30 compliant coconut milk cuz you thought it was bad) and totally ignoring a second coworker, and generally just be a negative nelly all day (nothing personal if your name is Nelly). Then, after I cooked and ate my compliant dinner, I thought, yuck! That wasn't good at all. I need more. I had the snack cravings bad, which I hadn't been feeling until yesterday; I couldn't fall asleep, so of course this morning I'm already wiped out, I do see one positive, which I won't mention since it's a little TMI, but it gives me some hope that my body may be starting to adjust to this new way of eating.

I will definitely take seriously Melissa's information in her book, and not ridiculously believe that my experience will be any different than anybody else's. I ate what sounded good this morning, two scrambled eggs with shredded beef accompanied by Whole30 Summer Salad. It does feel good to write down my experience here in the Forum, believing that someone else has experienced these things too.

Have a great day!

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