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WholeShark 30, take1


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Today is my first day of whole 30.  I love vegetables, nuts and the idea of eating healthy has always been there.  I am also a sweet and salty junk food lover.  20 years ago I survived a whole first trimester of nausea on pepperidge farm pretzel fish.  I have 5 teenagers at home.  4 are into fitness and 3 eat heatlhy, 3 are still going thru puberty and 1 put on 5 inches in the last 5 months.  We go thru a lot of food and it is not all compliant.  There will be some challenges.  Leftovers are a big challenge because I coparent with an odd custody schedule and have teenagers with work and sport schedules that pull them out of dinner at the last moment.  I was 60 pounds lighter before divorce (NOT before having two sets of twins and a 10 lb 90z single) and would love to find the energy and compliance to return to the gym regularly. 

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Oh my Gosh, it is Saturday.  I have tried so many good foods in the last few days.  I don't know how I have kept my self from diet coke, but I have.  It calls to me and I really need to hide the bottles that are left in the fridge, my office and work bag.  I think I am eating too much fruit and I kind of graze on my breakfast instead of eating it in one sitting because I am running kids around.  My goal for the upcoming days is to try very hard not to eat between meals and to definitely NOT eat fruit at that time.  On Tuesday night I got stuck on the lacrosse field (carpool driver an hour away) without the meal I prepped.  I ended up eating a lara bar and having dinner at 9 pm.  Yikes.  I am also afraid of having too much fat/cholesterol as I am eating way more hamburger and sausage than I ever have before.  I just went thru menopause and my blood pressure and cholesterol took a upward twist in January.  I am trying to eat healthier and work out more

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Day 15:  Ok, so the hardest thing for me is keeping up with this blog!  I have friends who are doing this along side me and they all cheat at something.  One has returned to drinking alcohol and the other keeps eating occasional food that is not allowed.  I keep getting caught by the unlawful meat.  I purchased a large turkey breast that was supposed to feed the family for two meals and additional lunches....it had dextrose in it.  GRR...luckily it turned out fabulously and the kids gobbled half up on the first night while I substituted in left over fajita meat on a salad.  Today I served my daughter a turkey panini while I finished up the last of my tuna salad with homemade mayo.  Last Sunday (9 days ago)I went to my friends house to prep veggies for the week.  She, her daughter, daughters best friend and her sister are all on whole 30.  I got lots of tips and pointers and cut up all my vegetables for the week.  Very helpful.  In fact, I finally finished some of them tonight.  

Scary thought:  I took out a roll of ground turkey to make turkey burgers.  Thawed it for a day and when I went to cook it tonight it was dated 2010.  I think that is a mistake because it would have had to move with me and spend time in 4 different freezers to end up where I got it.  Threw it away anyway just to be safe.  I will have to make turkey burgers tomorrow.  I made a nice order from THRIVE to stock my pantry with more compliant staples.  

One of my favorite things from the group cooking thing last Sunday was Protein Balls.  We have a lot of seeds (Chia, hemp) and other fixing for smoothie bowls so this recipe is a tasty, less crunchy way to get rid of some of those things.  I love the fact that there are dates in them.  My 15 yo daughter is surprisingly not a fan.  19 yo daughter gave them a thumbs up.

Biggest hit for the 15 yo boy?  Marinated meat.  He is working out 3-6 hours a day for football.  He loves the steak fajitas, chicken teriyaki and hamburgers.  He even tried the breakfast hash with sausage and sweet potato.  The other two boys aren't buying in to it.  The good news is the 19 yo is experimenting with cooking what HE likes.  Now if I could just get him to clean up the kitchen too.

How do I feel.  I am driven to succeed at this.  My stomach feels smaller, which is my most troublesome spot.  My bestie says my face looks thinner and happier.  I don't see it but I just had a creepy online dating experience, so my mood is otherwise affected.  My depression and anxiety are harder to access.  I had a angry 15 yo who had a temper tantrum and ran to her dad's.  I stuck to my guns and followed thru with her consequences on Sunday so I am pretty proud of myself.  Giving consequences to one child often stops the plans of the entire house.  I was pretty stressed and I didn't have a diet coke or other affending foods.  I did snack on some cherries and pineapple mid day which is not sticking with 3 meals only.  Because I didn't prep on Sunday (two days ago) I am not getting in as many vegetables.  I woke up hungry at midnight for the first time yesterday.  I ate 4 protein balls which is way over a serving.  

Goals for the next 2 weeks

1.  Post more consistently

2.  Prep and post what meals I will make and the meal they are intended for.  Make B15 a large batch of Teriyaki Chicken so he stays out of MY limited protein (I am allergic to chicken).  

3.  Make sure I eat enough vegetables/salads.

4.  Exercise daily.  I have been a total slacker.  Although, I did rearrange 4 bedrooms worth of furniture across two floors last friday.  

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