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Hello fellow Whole30ers. My name is Tony and I started 7/31.

 I had heard about this "diet" many times before, but I came to the realization that I needed to be on this for my personal health and my family health. I am 32, without chronic disease to speak of, or significant digestive issues. What I did have was a half a pack a day habit paired with more alcohol than I care to admit most nights of the week. Tried to quit both in the past unsuccessfully. Through this I still maintained a running regimen and a successful career, and despite eating A LOT of fried food and junk, stayed fairly thin.

So I came to Whole30 not for weight loss or to heal some issue, but because I was unhappy. If there is one thing I can't stand it's failing. So these rules are my salvation to start a new life, because I've committed and will not fail because there is no "wiggle room" as I'd tried before (I'll try to have one less drink tonight, nope). I've convinced my wife to do this with me as she is the one with the sugar dragon (I've always been more of a grains and savory person). While there are things I miss eating (cream sauces for example), I'm actually finding the "rules" liberating in the sense that I don't have the option to eat the way I was or use stale recipes, so now I can be creative in finding and preparing meals that work for my family (And my son has a dairy allergy anyways, also beef but that's another topic and easily worked around). For instance, couldn't find compliant breakfast sausage? Ground pork plus spices and nobody misses the added sugar.

Oh and on day 5, hello dump ranch! Where have you been this week?

I haven't felt as bad as I think others have in their first week, but I think mostly because most days I felt terrible getting out of bed since the booze was killing my sleep pattern and the lifestyle I was leading was slowly eating away at me. Cutting out my horrible habits has been a godsend.

Thanks for reading. Keep calm and Whole30 on.

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