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Ouisie's 2nd Whole30 Log


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Starting tomorrow, August 7th, I am doing another 30 days of clean eating. My goal is an additional 4 lbs weight lose. My plan is three-fold:

1. Exercise 5 times during the week

2. Follow the Whole30 plan

3. Keep water intake at 60 to 80 oz. per day

I will report my plan for each day. Stay tuned.

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Well my W2D1 went awfull!!  I definately have to restart. I think I got into a rebellion mood with all of the rules I put on myself. So in my rebellion - I ate off my plan and did not exercise but HEY - I did drink the water, barely!

The new W2D1 will be -

meal 1 - 1 palm W30 sausage, veggies, 1 orange

meal 2 - green salad with 1 chicken breast and W30 ranch dressing

meal 3  - crab cakes, 1/2 sweet potato, Zucchini strips

and lots of water.

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Lot's has happened since my first W30 back in June/July.  My mother has passed away (she was 95 and is resting in peace) and I have so much to take care of. My eating just spun out of control and I am now 18 pounds away from my goal instead of 10 pounds away. I feel so much better when I eat right and have some structure to my life so I am going back to clean eating with the W30. I am following the 'rules' of the basic W30 but will not be forceful on Thanksgiving Day or on Christmas Day. The W30 gives me a good guide for each day and I learned from my first W30 what to look out for so here we go.

Since my goal is to lose some weight I am keeping to a 1200 cal. food plan, having my ACV mixture three or so times a week, and getting 30 min. of activity in each day. I am also making sure that I record everything in MyFitnessPal. I am weighing each Monday so I can tweek my week if I need to change food combinations from week to week. I have a tendency to favor too many of the fatty whole foods.

Glad to be back. More as I move on. Today was Day 3 of my W302.

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Today is Monday and my first week review is acceptable to me. I dumped the water weight with the ACV mixture and the exercise and the 1200 calorie watch. I am now at the 12 pound point instead of having 18 pounds to loose. This is now the real weight. I am targeting 1 pound a week with a few periods of lenient W30 like Thanksgiving and Christmas. My goal is to lose 5 pounds by Dec. 26th when Joe and I will go up to the mountains for 12 days. To drop more than the 5 pounds I will need to increase my exercise.

My joints are feeling better already because of the cleaner eating. My hip is doing better because of the exercise and stretching.

More later as I work on this lifestyle change.

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