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Start date September 4th (Monday, of course).


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Hey guys, I'm Suzany and tomorrow I'll start my 6th round of Whole30 (but I can say I'm omly proud of the last two). The last one was almost 2 years ago and I can see myself so adicted to sugar, soda and carbs that it's time to take over control. Like always, I'm going solo as no one at home likes the idea of doing this. I believe this is the hardest part this time: keeping strong when everybody thinks you are crazy and tries to convince you that "one slice of cake or a glass of wine" won't ruin the whole program. 

Tomorrow is a monday, I know, international day to start diets and other things, but I had a wedding and my brother's birthday this weekend. So tomorrow it is.

Are you starting as well? Let's join forces and share our experiences! Welcome on board :) 



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Already on day 3 of my whole30 and it hasn't  been as bad as I remembered.

Day 1 was easy, like we all know it is. I had my meals without missing all the food I am used to eat (rice, bread, a bit of cheese and soy sauce).

Day 2 was a lil bit more challenging. I had a medium headache at night and going to the shopping center (so many cafes and fast food shops in a single place) and supermarket was a big test. Suddenly everything seemed delicious and I could hear the breads and cakes calling my name. Even food I don't usually eat seemed tempting. But at the end of the day I felt super proud of myself for saying no all those times, specially after ignoring a delicious seafood pasta my family had for dinner.

Day 3 is proving to be a challenge too. I did a pretty good job by taking my lunchbox with me to the zoo (goodbye icecream, hotdogs and burgers) and only having black coffee at my cousin's five-o-clock tea family gathering. But I can't take all the forbidden food from my mind. I keep thinking about japanese food, pasta, cinammon rolls, hotdogs, empanadas, calzones, chocolate... how am I going to keep strong for the next 27 days?!!!

I hope these thoughts go away tonight, even though I think they will only grow stronger for a while....

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