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September 1st start, 14 days in...wow.


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I started this W30 on September 1st, and I'm already experiencing pretty incredible results!

I did a first W30 last year in March, and unfortunately, left for vacation on Day 31. Needless to say, I got off track, although the results were substantial then as well. I'm a 100%-In person when I do something new, and I spent a TON of time with the book, prepping, shopping, cooking, journaling, reading, on and on it went. I lost around 10 lbs, 6" overall, and never wanted to live any other way! Sooo...fast forward.

I am so much more relaxed this time, and the Whole process has been more fun, more successful, and just easier in general. And I'm only two weeks in! I've been a high-anxiety person for many years, but have greatly improved this aspect of my life over the last year. So now... I know the W30 rules (and embrace them fully), know and trust my abilities, and I AM IN THIS FOR THE LONG HAUL. 

Overall over-consumption defines my lifestyle for about the last four years. I gained 45 lbs, stopped running and doing yoga, ate too much, drank too much, loathed my body, and tried every diet on the market. 

Immediately, September 1st, my energy went up, I'm sleeping great, mind is clear, hormones are balancing out, inches are coming off, skin is clear all over, not craving, only hungry at mealtimes, happy, peaceful...what else can I say? The NSVs have already outweighed any doubts about whether my motivation to do a Whole 90 is going to last.

I would like to lose 30 lbs by December 31. BUT, I am going to lose 40 lbs within one year of this W30 start date. I've got nothing but time. There is no urgency, or short-term thinking. This is how my life and my body are supposed to feel. I want to live thinking like this, feeling like this, and being this alive!

Congratulations to all you other brilliant humans who have embarked on a Whole30! Stay the course, trust the process, be honest with yourself, and embrace change!

Be blessed! 







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