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Started 9/11 and very tired


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Hi all,

I wanted to introduce myself. I'm a 26 year old nurse going to law school, and I started Monday 9/11 (which is still a date that makes me inherently uncomfortable to even say). I've got two of the books, and I was expecting a very different feeling five days in. I haven't been fire-breathing and haven't really had out of control cravings (other than the urge to snack between meals). I never had a headache (despite the fact that I binged on chips and chocolate and tons and tons of fast food). I am feeling pretty tired and have been almost the entire week though.

I will say, the gratification associated with cooking is fun, especially when discovering that the almond and coconut flour "breading" on chicken in the recipe book is pretty freaking delicious. I'm also happy to be including more fruit in my diet. I used to drink fruit juice. Now I just have a peach or some grapes after dinner, and it's soooooooo much better. Now I just need to give this infusion thing a try, because regular water and mineral water are starting to become very, very boring.

Here's to hoping the lack of misery continues and that energy levels rise! :D

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