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Pre-workout meal


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Hi all! Today is day 1 for me, and I didn't expect to be so confused out about my pre-workout meal while planning for all this! I probably shouldn't have planned a workout on Day 1 because it added a level of stress that I could've done without! I'm asking for advice about my morning meal-planning. 

So, I wake up about 1.5-2 hours before my morning workout, sometimes 2.5 hours before, and I usually eat within 15 minutes of waking up. I do crossfit or Orange Theory, which can be pretty intense. I read the Whole30 book, and I understand the meal template. Based on that, my plan was to wake up and do a pre-workout meal with a protein and fat, then an immediate post-workout meal with sweet potatoes and a protein, then have Meal 1 after my shower. But after my pre-workout meal this morning of 2 eggs cooked with clarified butter and 1/3 avocado, I started to doubt my plan. I didn't feel like I was eating enough and that it was too long of a gap between my meal and my workout. I ended up not doing my workout for unrelated reasons, and was actually relieved!  But I need to have a better plan for future workout days, including tomorrow, so I got on the forum and read all the posts I could find about meal timing around workouts. From what I've read, many people suggest skipping the pre-workout meal and just sticking with Meal 1 if there will be a long gap before a workout. I think this applies to me, and I'm going to do that tomorrow. I'll still do an immediate post-wo meal, then Meal 2 a while later. 

Here's my question: since Meal 1 will be 1.5-2 hrs before my workout, should it be a full meal that includes meal-sized protein, fat, veggies and starchy vegetable and/or fruit, or should I skip the carb portion since I will be working out relatively soon and want to use fat for fuel instead of carbs? If I'm interpreting everything correctly, I think I should just eat the regular meal, carbs and all, but just want to be sure. 

Thank you for your help!

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