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Whole 30: Round 2


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This is my second whole 30, and I am ready for the challenge!


Here's what happened after my first one and why I want to start again....


Shortly following my last whole 30 I entered a relationship. I actually had my first date with this guy on my last day of the whole 30. He though it was odd, but didn't bug me about it and took my to a restaurant of my choice. Since then, I have definitely gotten a little more lenient and ended up with "relationship gut".

Aside from the new relationship, Hurricane Harvey was a very difficult time on not only me, but my community as well. With food supplies in shortage, it made it difficult to have good, fresh meals. Not to mention, spending 3 nights at my job (a kennel), meant eating out of cans and whatever processes food was around. It's been over a month since the hurricane and I'm ready to get back on track. So looking forward to another month of self discovery!

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Hey! I love that we have similar stories AND I'm from Houston! Hoping you all are getting back on your feet post-Harvey. I'm jumping into a second round as well because I started to let eating choices take the back burner during relationships and life transition. Living in too much food freedom that turned to just irresponsibility (read: rosé every night haha). I'm also ready to keep discovering and potentially keep changing. 

What was your biggest obstacle your first time around? And what's been the hardest this time? You're a good 17 days ahead of me, so I'd love to hear how you're conquering! I'm ready to feel better and sleep better and learn more about myself and what I'm capable of goal-setting-wise.

Good luck and hope you're still going strong!

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