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First timer - Starting Oct 11


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My name is Jessica. I've decided to do the whole 30, starting Oct. 11. I'm still reading the book, just started it the other day but I've been thinking about doing it for weeks now. I know so many people who have done it and have seen great results. My biggest issue is the meal prep, I work weird hours so a lot of the time after work I'll just go get fast food or something instead because I'm too lazy to cook or by the time I finish cooking a meal it's like 10pm and I'm just ready for bed. So I'm thinking if I just prep a bunch of  meals now, I can freeze them and hopefully that'll help. My main goal is to just start eating healthier, My eating habits are terrible, obviously I want to lose weight too but I really just want to feel healthier. 

If anyone has any tips to help that'd be awesome! :)

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