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Katy's Log: Creative Title TBD


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Recap of Day 1 of my first Whole30!

Coffee with coconut milk

B (8am): OOPS, packed lunch and snacks but completely forgot my frittata.... Emergency Protein Box from Starbucks. Opening it up, seeing the cheese and honey peanut butter I love, and immediately tossing them in the trash (okay, I put the PB in a drawer for a post-Whole 30 treat) was SO. HARD. Ate the eggs, apples, and grapes, and patted myself on the back for making it through. 

L (noon): Apple & Water at the deli with my friends (Tuesdays are the only day of the week that we are all in the office), then ate my packed lunch at my desk later. Asian sesame chicken salad from the Whole30 Cookbook, grapes. 

S1 (3:30): more grapes, veggies with Sunshine Sauce (http://meljoulwan.com/2009/07/21/sunshine-sauce/), herbal tea

S2 (5:00): OMG, it's 5:00 and dinner isn't until 7:30 and I'm going to die.... Rx Bar (I planned better today!)

D (7:30): Pulled Pork Lettuce Wraps with Salsa from Whole30 Cookbook, Mixed Berry Sparkling Water w/ Lime & Mint as I gazed longingly at my husband's wine glass, one date to tell myself my mouth was closed for business


Day 2 Challenge.... it's Bagel Wednesday at my office and I just got the email that there are bagels in the kitchen. This is usually the highlight of my week because I LOVE BAGELS and I LOVE FREE FOOD. Waaaahhhhhhh. 




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Day Two: Bagel Wednesday 

Coffee w/ Coconut Milk

B (8am): Mushroom, Kale, Leek Frittata from Whole30 Cookbook & two slices of proscuitto

S1 (11:30am): Leftover Mediterranean Bison Burger from Whole30 Cookbook & 3 extra-small clementines

Due to an annoying meeting schedule, I replaced my usual lunch with a slightly earlier snack that was supposed to be my afternoon lift. Will try to stretch lunch to 2:30 now to adjust. 

L (12:45pm): Well, I didn't make it to 2:30 and I realized I forgot my veggie bag so my only remaining snack is an apple. Lesson to learn from the last two days is to pack my bag the night before when I am not rushing. Lunch was good though: chicken (no)tortilla soup (https://therealfoodrds.com/chicken-tortilla-less-soup/) prepped on Sunday. 

It's been a rough day and I just walked through the work kitchen on accident and there are Double Stuff Oreos on the counter. These are a top trigger food for me. I cannot resist Oreos within my field of vision. I am about to just go home because it's going to be hard to say no to these gems. Instead, I am eating S2.

S2 (4:00pm): An apple and 2 dates. 

S3 (6:30pm): A few bites of plain roasted chicken

D (7:30pm): Turkey Larb from Whole30 Cookbook with steamed snow peas, sparkling water, and a date to end the meal.

UGH. Rough day. I would usually use that as an excuse for an extra glass of wine or a special treat. Need to find something else to pick me up after a rough day at work. 


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